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    Minterest Continues to #BUIDL

    At Minterest we never stop building. Here we are sharing latest releases

    • 11, August 2022

      Responsive UI for Markets Overview page

      Our markets overview page is now responsive in accordance with the design changes that is more seamless and intuitive for customers on mobile and tablet.

    • 08, August 2022

      Setting borrowing limits for markets

      We have added a new borrowing model that adds a hard cap on the borrowing limit. When a customer enters a larger amount, he is restricted to the MAX borrowing limit set by the protocol on a pool-by-pool basis.

    • 04, August 2022

      Portfolio UX improvements

      We have added a new feature under the portfolio dashboard where we will display smaller amounts (less than $1,000,000) up to 2 decimal places and completely omit the decimal places if the amount is larger than $1,000,000. 

    • 01, August 2022

      Improved deployment for production environment

      We are improving the flow for our production environment by setting up CI/CD pipelines to automate the stages of the production environment that will give us better control from integration and testing phases to delivery and deployment.

    • 28, July 2022

      New rules for assets sorting 

      We have added three new sorting rules where customers can see larger markets on top. Customers can sort by Total Lent, Total Borrowed, and under their portfolio dashboard, they can sort by LENT so they can see bigger markets first.

    • 25, July 2022

      Disabling borrow for selected markets

      The Minterest admin role can now disable borrowing functionality for selected markets to allow for liquidity build up within those markets before borrowing action is performed.

    • 21, July 2022

      WalletConnect integration

      WalletConnect has been integrated as part of our wallet integration roadmap. Undertaking wallet-triggered blockchain transactions with WalletConnect to verify the flow.

    • 18, July 2022

      Rewriting the swap router algorithm

      The swap router algorithm has been re-written to improve swapping of exchange pairs more efficient. Undertaking current unit testing.

    • 11, July 2022

      Enabling withdrawals of different MNT balances

      A new feature has been added that allows the withdrawal of all the possible MNT sources, which include available MNT wallet tokens, staked tokens, and vested tokens

    • 04, July 2022

      UX improvements on the Desktop version of the app

      Major UX improvements have been made in the desktop version of the app for a more snappy and intuitive experience.

    • 01, July 2022

      Ledger Wallet Integration

      Ledger Wallet has been integrated as part of our wallet integration roadmap. More wallet integrations to be announced soon.