5 reasons to get Minterest NFTs on Mantle right now

As the bull market heats up, DeFi summer 2.0 is just around the corner. 

Minterest delivers dollar-for-dollar the highest yields in DeFi and returns 100% of fees to users. This makes it a great place to start your DeFi journey and maximise your yields.

One of the best ways to maximise your yields on Minterest are Minterest NFTs. Our range of tiered NFTs boost your yields and bring a host of other benefits too.

Here are five reasons you should get your hands on a Minterest NFT on Mantle right now.

1. Boost the yields on the assets you lend

Minterest NFTs act like turbochargers for your financial growth on Minterest. They significantly amplify the rewards you earn from lending and borrowing. 

Every transaction on Minterest earns you rewards in the currency you’re lending/borrowing AND the platform’s native token $MINTY. Depending on the tier of your Minterest NFT, it can dramatically increase your yield up to a whopping 50%.

Even lower tier NFTs give impressive yield boosts. For example, holding a tier-10 NFT gives you a 20% boost. For example, if you are earning 40% APY in MINTY tokens, this pushes it up to 48%. 

Minterest NFTs also allow autostaking of the emissions you earn, compounding your bonuses further. A very rewarding cycle for Minterest users.

2. Get $MINTY bonuses

Beyond enhancing your yield, Minterest NFTs unlock extra $MINTY bonuses and exclusive benefits. This is part of Minterest’s unique model of redistributing 100% of fees back to users, enhancing the overall profitability of participating in the platform.

$MINTY token holders have the right to participate in governance decisions. This includes voting on proposals and making changes to the protocol. By holding Minterest NFTs and maximising your $MINTY, you can have a bigger say in the development and operational strategies of the Minterest platform.

3. NFTs are time-limited

These yield-boosters are time-limited and their benefits are coming to an end soon. Some lower-tier Minterest NFTs expire in July. 

If you’re a Minterest NFT holder or you’re planning to get one, make sure you’re aware of this, and get the most out of its yield-boosting benefits while you still can. Don’t miss your chance to optimise your returns and get the FULL potential out of your Minterest NFTs.

4. Maximise your $MNT yield with Minterest NFTs

Take advantage of Mantle’s growing popularity and the $MNT token. By using Minterest NFTs, you also supercharge your returns in $MNT by up to 50% too and get premium tokens without the extra spend. It’s a smart way to enhance your portfolio and get more benefits from Mantle’s vibrant ecosystem.

5. Exclusive community

By joining the Minterest NFT community you become part of an exclusive circle. 

Soon, Minterest will launch a special Discord channel, offering unique insights and benefits only available to NFT holders. And as an early supporter, you get access to NFTs with higher rarity and longer validity but also the opportunity to trade them within the community.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re not already a Minterest NFT holder, it’s time to change that. Get the most out of Minterest by maximising your yields and getting exclusive alpha from our NFT community.

Pick up a Minterest NFT on OpenSea for Ethereum and Mintle for Mantle Network today.

29, April 2024