Are you making the most of your Minterest NFTs?

Minterest NFTs are more than just digital collectibles. They’re integral to the Minterest protocol. They enhance your yields while also acting as cool and unique art pieces. 

Let’s take a closer look at how our NFTs can make your experience on Minterest more rewarding.

Overview of Minterest NFTs

Minterest NFTs enhance user engagement and returns. Spanning 12 tiers, the collection includes 3,000 unique NFTs, each meticulously crafted to honor key pioneers and innovators in the blockchain space.

These NFTs vary in rarity and in the functional benefits they offer. From increasing yields to providing exclusive access to new features, each tier adds a layer of value.

The artworks themselves serve as a tribute to the influential figures who have shaped the cryptosphere. Each NFT is a piece of blockchain history. Whether you’re a novice in the digital assets space or a seasoned collector, Minterest NFTs offer a way to commemorate these icons while enhancing your returns on Minterest.

Expiry alert for Level 12 NFTs

Level 12 NFTs are the most attainable of our Minterest NFT collection. They offer  yield boosts – of 20%. These premium NFTs supercharge your returns AND stand as digital representations of your commitment to the DeFi space.

However, these  NFTs come with an expiry date. Level 12 NFTs are set to expire in July 2024. This means that the exceptional benefits they offer will no longer be accessible after this date.

If you are the lucky holder of a Level 12 Minterest NFT, now is the time to fully utilise those yield-boosts. Max out your NFTs before they expire and enhance your returns. Reap the full benefits of your investment. For every bit of yield you obtain through supplying or borrowing on Minterest, you get a boost through an NFT too.

Levels 8 and 9 NFTs

Looking for longer term benefits? Levels 8 and 9 of Minterest NFTs offer long-lasting benefits to their holders. These tiers strike an ideal balance between yield enhancement and longevity. 

Level 8 NFTs come with a yield boost of 27.5% and are valid until October 2025. Level 9 NFTs give you a 22.5% boost  and their validity stretches until next April.

These levels are designed for those who want to sustain high returns over an extended period. The longer validity means you can enjoy the benefits deep into 2025, making these NFTs particularly sought after by long-term DeFi strategists.The yield boosts associated with these NFTs significantly enhance the returns on both lending and borrowing activities. They are powerful tools for those looking to maximise their investment outcomes on longer time frames.

You can buy Minterest NFTs from Mintle here or bridge your Minterest NFT from Ethereum.

How to bridge Minterest NFTs to Mantle Network

You can now bridge your Minterest NFTs directly to the Minterest app! Bridge your NFT today to utilise your yield boosts and maximise your yields. 

Here’s how to do it:

1. Log in to your Minterest account and navigate to NFT Bridge on the menu in the top right corner.

2. Click on NFT Bridge to open the NFT Bridge widget. This is where you can pick your wallet where the NFT is stored.

3. Go through the permission allowance and transfer process with the wallet of your choice.

4. If your transfer is successful, you will receive a transaction success message like below.

5. Click on See transaction in block explorer to monitor the status of the bridging.

6. When the transfer is complete, the Delivered status will appear. 

7. After you have successfully bridged your NFT to Minterest, the NFT will appear on your Dashboard page of the Minterest App when logged into the Mantle Network.

8. On the main page of the Minterest App, the Mantle dashboard will show an activated NFT gauge once the APY boost feature is launched.

Pick up a Minterest NFT on OpenSea or Mintle today to boost your yields and get privileged platform access. 

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09, May 2024