How Minterest NFTs revolutionise yield generation

We are excited to announce that the Minterest NFT boost just went live on March 18th! The Minterest NFT collection offers 3,000 NFTs across 12 tiers, with each NFT featuring one of 100 unique designs. 

The rarer the design, the bigger the Emission Boost and the longer it lasts. Simply holding an NFT enhances your $MINTY (and $MNT on Mantle Network) yield by 20-50%, based on its tier, turning participation in Minterest into an even more rewarding experience.

This article will explore how the Yield Boost works and how to leverage it for maximum returns.  

Understanding yields on Minterest

Minterest provides five distinct yield types, each tailored to meet diverse investor needs and strategies:

  • Base interest: The basic yield you get from lending or borrowing activities.
  • $MINTY rewards: Returns in Minterest’s native token.
  • $MNT rewards: Returns in the Mantle Network token, diversifying your yield sources.
  • NFT Boost: 20-50% increase in $MINTY (and $MNT rewards if on Mantle Network).
  • Native yield: Inbuilt yield from interest bearing assets like USDY and mETH.

Choosing your token market is key, as each asset comes with unique yield potential. To check what yields you can earn, hover over the question mark icon next to the token market on the Minterest app.

Introducing Minterest NFTs

Minterest NFTs are a powerful tool designed to amplify your returns. To illustrate the impact of these NFTs, let’s look at two examples:

Borrowing $mUSD

Consider a scenario where you borrow $mUSD on Minterest. Without NFT boost borrowing, $mUSD yields 27% in MINTY and MNT emissions. 

Now, introduce a Tier-12 NFT with a 20% Yield Boost. Suddenly, your total yield jumps to (27% * 1.20) = >33% (after applying the boost)! The additional value is clear.  

Borrowing $USDT

When borrowing $USDT, yields see a similar boost. Without the NFT, in this example, you earn 17% in MINTY and MNT. With an NFT Boost, this increases from 17% to (17% * 1.20) = >20%! The significant benefit of incorporating these digital assets speaks for itself.

How to use your Minterest NFTs

Using your NFTs on Minterest is easy. To activate the Yield Boost NFT, make sure it is bridged to the chain you are lending or borrowing on, for example, the Mantle Network. The NFT must be in the same wallet that you are lending and borrowing from. It will appear on your Minterest dashboard and the boost is automatically applied. Please refer to our guide on how to bridge Minterest NFTs to Mantle here.


Boost your yield with a Minterest NFT! Don’t have an NFT yet? Add them to your collection by purchasing from OpenSea and Mintle.

Stay tuned for more upcoming features, new integrations, and community updates on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

21, March 2024