Everything you need to know about Minterest NFTs

Minterest NFTs are at the core of our protocol community. They present a unique use case in DeFi and bring a new dimension to lending and borrowing as collectables, yield boosters, and so much more. 

Continue reading to find out more about what Minterest NFTs are, how to bridge them to Minterest protocol to get maximum value, and why you should consider getting one now.

Introducing Minterest NFTs

3000 Minterest NFTs span over 12 tiers and pay homage to prominent figures in blockchain, all while offering special perks in the Minterest protocol. 

The collection combines two main use cases:

  • Community collectables featuring unique art.
  • Keys to one-of-a-kind emission boosters of up to 50%, depending on the tier, and privileged access for both supply and borrowing activities during the Private and Public Launches.

Not all NFTs are created equal: the collection varies by rarity and yield-boosting capabilities. With each NFT represented by 1 of 100 unique artwork, rarer NFTs have fewer copies of each artwork, have higher Emission Boost, and longer validity periods.

Minterest NFTs are rewards to active users during community events like AMAs, giveaways, lotteries, and other activities, and were initially awarded to Minterest LBP participants. They are also sold by community members across various NFT marketplaces, including on OpenSea, so that users can trade NFTs and transfer ownership of the corresponding boost, with previously earned MINTY kept by the original owner.

How to bridge Minterest NFTs to Mantle Network

We are proud to introduce NFT Bridging directly to the Minterest app! The NFT Boost  will be activated on March 18, 2024, so hurry up to bridge your NFT before then and be ready to maximise your yields. 

Follow the process below to migrate your Minterest NFTs to the protocol:

1. Log in to your Minterest account and navigate to NFT Bridge on the menu in the top right corner.

2. Click on NFT Bridge to open the NFT Bridge widget. This is where you can pick your wallet where the NFT is stored.

3. Go through the permission allowance and transfer process with the wallet of your choice.

4. If your transfer is successful, you will receive a transaction success message like below.

5. Click on “See transaction in block explorer” to monitor the status of the bridging.

6. When the transfer is complete, the Delivered status will appear. 

7. After you have successfully bridged your NFT to Minterest, the NFT will appear on your Dashboard page of the Minterest App when logged into the Mantle Network.

8. On the main page of the Minterest App, the Mantle dashboard will show an activated NFT gauge once the APY boost feature is launched.

5 reasons to get Minterest NFTs NOW

The Public Launch is just around the corner, and many Minterest NFTs have already been distributed, but you still don’t have one. Why should you get Minterest NFTs? 

With multi-layered utility and unique use case, there are 5 main reasons why the best time to get a Minterest NFT is now:

  1. Minterest NFTs boost your yields on lending and borrowing by up to 50%, making your capital work harder and smarter in the protocol.
  2. Minterest will soon open an exclusive Discord Channel for the community of Minterest NFT holders with unique benefits and alpha. 
  3. As an early community supporter, you have a chance to access NFTs of higher rarity. A higher tier means bigger boosts and a longer expiration period so that you can enjoy the super-yield bonuses you deserve. 
  4. Minterest NFTs can work across all chains Minterest deploys on, including the Mantle Network. Take your yield-boosting NFTs wherever Minterest deploys and boost your earnings.
  5. Trade Minterest NFTs within the community to diversify your collection, get rewarded, and get the yield-boosters you need.

Get your Minterest NFT on OpenSea and stay tuned for the upcoming Minterest NFT collection launch on Mintle.

Jump into our community on Telegram, Discord and Twitter, and be the first to grab the next chance to claim your Minterest NFT.

21, February 2024