Minterest & FusionX Team Up to Bring You the Best of DeFi Lending, Borrowing and Trading

Minterest and FusionX are teaming up to bring you an innovative, advanced, efficient DeFi experience! 

This partnership is significant for lenders, borrowers, and DEX users, with both protocols bringing unique strengths to the table. Let’s take a look at what to expect.

FusionX: Revolutionising Trading on the Mantle Network

FusionX is a leading DEX within the Mantle Network. Recognised for its cost-effective transaction model, FusionX provides users with a platform for trading at significantly lower fees compared to traditional networks like Ethereum mainnet. 

This efficiency is a key factor in FusionX’s appeal, offering users a dual advantage of reduced costs and enhanced trading experiences, as well as complete decentralisation.

Minterest: Setting New Standards in Yield Generation

Minterest is a DeFi lending protocol that introduces several innovative features to the lending and borrowing sector, as well as a comprehensive multi-chain roadmap aimed at bridging the lending and borrowing gap. 

Its Buyback Engine sets a new DeFi standard by redistributing 100% of its fee value to users. The model used by Minterest ties the protocol’s success directly to its users’ benefits — as protocol TVL increases, users reap greater $MINTY rewards.

The Minterest Solvency Engine offers a comprehensive solution to the issue of insolvent loan liquidations. By placing a premium on precision, efficiency, and automated solutions, the engine minimises the risk of toxic debt and maximises the benefits for its users. 

A Partnership Poised to Transform DeFi

The partnership between Minterest and FusionX is a fusion of technical innovation and cost efficiency that is set to redefine user experience in the DeFi ecosystem. 

Minterest will integrate FusionX into its Solvency Engine pipeline to ensure the health of all Minterest protocol users while driving transaction volume to FusionX and increasing fees generated for its LPs. By merging Minterest’s exceptional yield-generation capabilities with FusionX’s efficient and decentralised trading environment, users will enjoy the benefits of high yields and low-cost decentralised transactions. 

Stay tuned for further development updates and to learn more about the opportunities this collaboration brings!

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20, December 2023