Minterest Roadmap 2023: The Current State

Minterest’s roadmap is brimming with details, and we’ll be rolling these out across a series of  posts. Today, we’ll give you a short recap of where Minterest currently stands following our recent transition, setting the stage for what’s next.

Building Towards the Future

Our dedicated core team, the original builders of Minterest, are hard at work. We’re focusing on key features that will attract early adopters and building upon Minterest’s solid architecture. The engineering and product teams are working in tandem, plotting the roadmap ahead and setting up the technical infrastructure to support these plans.


The Minterest brand is here to stay, and you’ll soon see our online and social properties coming back to life. As we enter this new era, we’re also subtly refreshing our visual identity, symbolising the beginning of a new stage in Minterest’s journey.

Solid Technology Foundation

Minterest audited smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum mainnet form the foundation we will build upon. All six security audit reports by reputable firms including Trail of Bits, Peckshield, Hacken, and Zokyo are readily accessible on Minterest’s Gitbook, underscoring the breadth and depth of Minterest’s technology and ensuring secure and smooth lending and borrowing operations.

Minterest Governance Token

The Minterest token contract remains unchanged, continuing to reward early supporters and liquidity providers. We’re planning a discussion with the community about the token’s future branding. Stay tuned!

Stable Tokenomics

Our tokenomics remain unchanged, honouring all vesting schedules established earlier this year. This includes the 50% proportional uplift provided to all early supporters. You can check out the details of the tokenomics here.

Empowering NFTs

Minterest NFTs will continue to serve their original purpose, providing key card access to the protocol and acting as emissions boost for liquidity providers.

And, if you’re an existing NFT holder, watch this space for some exciting news in a future post.

This is just the start. In the next post we’ll delve into the broader roadmap for 2023 and shine a spotlight on key product updates and plans towards public launch.

31, July 2023