Minterest Clears 5th Audit Ahead of Launch

Updates to the Minterest protocol after the start of Private Launch in November 2022 necessitated a fifth security audit to the protocol. That audit was undertaken by the leading security auditing firm Zokyo, ranked #1 Smart Contract Auditing firm by Forbes in 2018. 

In keeping with Minterest’s standards of transparency and quality, the team is pleased to announce that the protocol passed the most recent Zokyo audit, the second audit from that firm and the fifth audit of the protocol overall. You can find previous audit reports here and here.

Goals of Fifth Audit

The most recent audit prior to this one was also undertaken by Zokyo, a detailed summary of which can be found here. Zokyo “audited all changes since the last audit iteration,” to ensure that any of the changes were in keeping with the rest of the protocol.

Key Takeaways

Minterest passed this fifth audit with a total score of 96/100, indicating that no major problems were found with any changes to the underlying smart contracts.

98% of the code was testable, well above the industry standard of 95%.

Final Thoughts

Submitting to a fifth audit demonstrated Minterest’s continuing commitment to the highest security standards in crypto. 

Further details on the audit can be found in the Zokyo Executive Summary below:

With five audits completed and a sixth underway, and with the final stage of Private Launch now live, Minterest is well-positioned to proceed to Public Launch.

10, March 2023