Minterest Security Update: Successful Completion of a Security Audit by PeckShield

Minterest is delighted to announce the completion of its third security audit by PeckShield, an industry leading blockchain security company, serving global customers including the likes of Maker and Aave. 

PeckShield found no vulnerabilities of critical or high severity levels. There were 2 medium-severity vulnerabilities and 5 low-severity vulnerabilities found that got immediately fixed by the team. 

According to PeckShield, “The current code base is well structured and neatly organized. Those identified issues are promptly confirmed and addressed.”

The full audit report is now public and available on our website.

About Minterest

Minterest is a unique borrowing/lending protocol built by industry leaders to service the billions in Total Value Locked (TVL), in DeFi lending projects, with the specific aim of putting user benefits at its core. It provides users with a decentralised financial platform that is fair and inclusive.

The Minterest protocol has the world’s first buyback mechanism, which automatically passes on surpluses to participating platform users. This way, users get protocol rewards on top of industry leading borrowing/lending rates, creating the potential for the highest long-term yields in DeFi. The protocol also has an on-chain treasury which captures and passes on liquidation surpluses to users.

13, July 2022