Senior Mintrepreneurs Week: Quiz #1 Results

Dear Minteresters, we are pleased to announce the results of Quiz #1 held from April 4 to 6.

A Quick Background

Minterest Labs revealed the exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Discord channel launch this week. Any community member can join the channel by scoring > 80% in all three quizzes we conduct. 

Looking for reasons to join the Senior Mintrepreneurs Club? Check out our detailed blog post to learn about all the benefits Minterest’s inner circle enjoys.

Quiz #1 Results

Quiz #1 was officially launched on April 4 and our community had a chance to participate until 10:00 PM UTC on April 6. 

The results are out! Please check your emails and Discord level. If you’re not on our Discord already, please join here. 

If you didn’t receive an email or a discord message, don’t get discouraged, these contests are just a stepping stone to help you learn more about the Minterest protocol. You can still take Quiz #2 and #3 to get special tags on the Minterest public Discord channel. 

If you missed the mark on this one, you’ll have the opportunity to enter many more in the future, including the upcoming Community Education Event. 

Next Steps Towards Becoming a Senior Mintrepreneur

We hope that you enjoyed participating! If you received an email, you’re officially 1/3 of your way to joining our exclusive Discord channel. Don’t forget to take Quiz #2 on Thursday and Quiz #3 next Monday, to get early access to Minterest merch, news, special events and NFT drops.

08, April 2022