Minterest Passes Third Iteration of Zokyo Audit

Zokyo recently completed a third audit iteration of the Minterest smart contract system. 

The first Zokyo audit reviewed the entire body of Minterest smart contracts. The second audit iteration focused on the review of new implementations added by the Minterest team. This third audit examined a number of smaller, more minor changes to the code.

These changes centred around the Buyback, Vesting, and Liquidation operations. Per Zokyo’s findings:

The Zokyo Security team hasn’t detected any issues in the updated code. There were two informational issues described in the third iteration: one of them was about the absence of validation, and the other one was connected to logic clarification in Buyback.sol. The Minterest team has verified both of the issues. Since most of the changes were added to already existing functions, the Zokyo Security team has updated their set of unit tests prepared during previous audit iterations to validate new logic. Additional test-cases were prepared for the vesting flow.

This audit – the sixth audit of Minterest smart contracts to date – continues to demonstrate the underlying reliability of the Minterest protocol and the team’s commitment to due diligence. 

The results of the audit were positive. Zokyo awarded Minterest a “Pass” with a score of 96 out of 100. A few smaller issues were highlighted to the Minterest team, with appropriate actions taken.

In the light of ongoing high-profile exploits, Minterest’s safety and security will continue to play a determining role in the protocol’s long-term success. To that end, Minterest has already commissioned a further Zokyo audit, and will continue to regularly audit the protocol.

Read full report here:

17, March 2023