An Expedition into the $MINTY Universe: Embark on Minterest’s Zealy Quests and Learn to Earn!

Minterest’s Zealy campaign is here, and it’s your golden ticket into the $MINTY ecosystem! To get started, join Minterest’s Zealy questboard to start earning points and unlocking new quests!

Whether you’re new to DeFi or a lending & borrowing veteran, there’s something for everyone. Through a series of quests, you can earn rewards, such as $MINTY tokens and NFTs.

To encourage active participation and ongoing education, you’re required to successfully complete the quests in the preceding tiers. This incentives model is designed by Minterest to reward consistency and progression. 

For example, incentives may be minimal for users who complete beginner level quests. However, as you progress and deepen your understanding of Minterest’s ecosystem, you’ll earn more substantial XP, additional tokens or NFTs, and even be given the opportunity to help influence the platform’s future direction as an ‘OG Mintreprenuer’.

Let’s take a quick tour of The Quest Map!

Tier 0: Base Camp

The journey kicks off at Base Camp. 

There are no prerequisites, just simple quests and a straightforward way to accumulate XP, level up, and earn rewards. 

By completing tasks like following Minterest on Twitter and joining the Discord and Telegram channels, you’ll earn your first 100 XP and unlock the next questline.

Tier 1: Explorer’s Trail

The Explorer’s Trail is where the adventure begins! 

These dynamic quests are regularly updated to keep things interesting and the XP stacking up. 

From sharing Minterest blog posts and announcements to participating in community polls, there’s always an opportunity to earn points while staying updated on what’s happening in the $MINTY universe!

Tier 2: Scholar’s Pathway

The Scholar’s Pathway takes things up a notch. 

This is where you can showcase your Minterest knowledge through quizzes based on our latest blogs.

Quests to Expect:

Tier 3:  Pioneers’ Peak

Pioneers’ Peak is the pinnacle of your $MINTY quest!

This is where you transition from being a member, to a leader. These quests are designed to involve you directly in the Minterest ecosystem, from joining community calls to making transactions on the Minterest platform.

Quests to Expect:

  • Join a Community Call: Attend a Minterest community call and enter the secret password shared during the call. Your chance to directly engage with the team and community!
  • Make Your MINTY NFT Your PFP: Show off your $MINTY pride by making your Minterest NFT your Twitter profile picture. If you don’t have one yet, fear not! You can also win one in the quest earning you a massive APY boost too! 
  • Supply an Asset: Transition from observer to active participant by supplying an asset into the Minterest platform. 
  • Borrow an Asset: Need to borrow an asset? Do it through Minterest and bank some XP.
  • Share Your Positions: Whether you’re borrowing or lending on Minterest, share your positions on Twitter—each share earns XP and offers a great way to showcase your personal journey and insights.

By completing the Pioneers’ Peak quests, you’ll have the opportunity to earn substantial  $MINTY tokens, as well as exclusive NFTs that grant you Whitelist Access. Each completed quest earns you 300 XP and a hands-on experience with the platform!

Your Next Move

Minterest’s Zealy quests offer a multi-tiered expedition through $MINTY universe. From initial exploration to active participation and influence—each quest is a stepping stone.

Along the way, earn XP, climb the leaderboard, and unlock exclusive perks and rewards like Whitelist NFTs and $MINTY tokens. 

Ready for the adventure? 

Earn your points on Minterest’s Zealy questboard today!

07, November 2023