Fresh Beginnings: MINTY Clinches the Minterest Ticker Showdown!

Our aim was clear: nail down the most fitting ticker symbol for Minterest’s token. Criteria? It had to resonate with Minterest, give the project extra value, be catchy, enjoy strong community support, and stand out in the crowd.

From days filled with suggestions to passionate community campaigns and an edge-of-your-seat voting round, we’re thrilled to introduce: MINTY – the new face of Minterest’s token!

Here is a rewind of this historic adventure.

The community and Minterest team submitted a plethora of ticker options.  Suggestions spanned the gamut, from succinct acronyms like MNTX and MTRST to catchy ideas such as iLEND and FRESH.

Hearteningly, every finalist came directly from our community’s creative minds.

Meet the Top 3 Contenders

MINTY: Suggested by Telegram’s Bee AhhBee, MINTY was also on the radar of our in-house team. It’s a fitting name that smoothly rolls off the tongue. And judging by the enthusiasm, our marketing team is already buzzing about the mascot and merch potentials!

MIFI: Joe from Telegram threw this witty suggestion into the ring. Much like WiFi’s omnipresence, Minterest Finance aims to be an inseparable part of everyone’s digital existence. Joe‘s idea captured our goal to offer a constant financial presence that is as reliable as it is innovative.

MINTX: Hats off to Discord’s BuyNoEvil for this gem. With a subtle tweak to his original idea, MINTX is a testament to Minterest’s roots while hinting at a grander vision for a multi-chain universe.

The showdown took the spotlight on our Minterest X Twitter profile. The voting frenzy lasted a solid 48 hours with MINTX and MINTY competing for the top till the final whistle.

How Did We Pick?

We loved so many community suggestions, but to cut down to the top contenders, a few considerations took centre stage:

  1.  Avoid the ‘MNT’ Trap: Kudos to Vectorize and sampeik for highlighting the potential pitfalls of ‘MNT’— it might muddy the waters with other projects out there.
  2. Distinctiveness: Some suggestions were, unfortunately, lookalikes of existing projects.
  3. Easy Recollection: Brands need to be memorable. Tickers such as MTRST, MINTR, and others had appeal, but when spelled or spoken, they didn’t quite hit the expectations.

Diving Into the MINTY Fresh Era!

MINTY is a calculated pick.

It’s catchy, easy-to-share, and embodies the enthusiasm of a dynamic community. It’s the kind of name people align with and speak of with pride.

Here’s what a couple of our esteemed Minterest’s advisors chimed in with:

With MINTY on board, we’re in for a creative whirlwind. Picture sticker packs (‘Mintojis’, anyone?), desirable merchandise, or even real-life ‘Minty Minties’ candies? This minty revival adds a ton of substance to the Minterest narrative, a tale we’re crafting hand-in-hand with our supporters.

A big thanks to every participant for turning this page in Minterest’s history book!

21, August 2023