Searching for the New Minterest Ticker Symbol

Minterest Activity Announcement: 10 August – 15 August

What’s in a name? More than you think! After all, a name is not just a label, but the essence of a brand’s identity.

As Minterest ventures into a new chapter with an updated roadmap, a brand refresh is in the air. More than a mere symbol, it signifies a fresh beginning for the Minterest project and our community. And what captures the essence of a Web3 project better than its Ticker Symbol?

Ticker symbols are more than labels; they become the brand’s signature, appearing across wallets, token tracker sites, lending protocols, bridges, DEX, centralised exchanges, and more. But a ticker’s true spirit resides in the community who passionately embrace it through online discourse and in real-life conversations, allowing it to effortlessly spread fast and far.

With Minterest, we’re on the hunt for a new Ticker Symbol that resonates with you, our community, forging a strong identity that you are proud of and embracing our shared identity across Web3. Your participation matters so let’s make history and create something iconic together!

How do you participate?

  1. August 10-14: Suggest a Ticker Symbol in the community channels on Telegram or Discord.
  2. August 15: A final selection, including community favourites will be put up for vote on X.
  3. August 17: A winner is selected, and you become part of Minterest history!

Ticker Symbol requirements

  • 3 to 5 letters: Think along the lines of BTC, AAVE, MATIC.
  • Unique: Not actively in use by another token on top-tier DEXs or CEXs. CoinGecko and CMC are great research tools.
  • Relevant: No MNT or any unrelated symbols.

The Fine Print

  • Voice in the Process: The Minterest team will carefully consider each entry. We want to find a ticker that fits the brand and our community, and that might mean we’ll need to set aside some suggestions.
  • Final Say: We respect and value your input, but the final decision on accepting the ticker symbol will ultimately lie with the Minterest team. 
  • Play Fair: We encourage creativity, but make sure your suggestions comply with applicable laws and don’t infringe on others’ rights. We’re all in this together, building something special, and that means playing by the rules.

This is an opportunity to shape Minterest’s future. Your voice matters to us, and we look forward to hearing your creative ideas.

10, August 2023