Minterest LBP: Become a Genesis participant in DeFi 2.0

Minterest LBP: Become a Genesis participant in DeFi 2.0 DeFi is a $100B USD industry in it’s infancy, with a potential Trillion USD market size. While cryptocurrency prices display volatility, the value locked in DeFi shows a sharp increase. Based on this correlation, it seems that the DeFi industry could become a safe haven for participants in this alternative financial ecosystem. As DeFi expands and gains mass adoption, there is potential for it to significantly challenge the traditional collateral-based lending industry.

The launch of the Minterest protocol introduces DeFi 2.0, moving the industry a massive step forward. The protocol genesis will be initiated on the 8th of February 2022 by its only public offering – the LBP token event.

UPDATE: MINTY tokens acquired through the LBP are the only ones without a lockup. All other parties are subject to a minimum block by block vesting of 1 year, making the LBP participants the only ones able to participate in MINTY or LP staking.

Introducing the most revenue efficient protocol and its architecture

The Minterest protocol is up to 200% more capital efficient than the traditional top 3 DeFi lending solutions like Aave or Compound, while being just as secure. The protocol accomplishes this with two industry-first R&D innovations:

  • The on-chain Buyback: A treasury algorithm passing all protocol surplus to protocol users instead of the traditional 10-15%, maximizing Minterest user APY drastically.
  • The on-chain Liquidation Engine*: Up to 40% of protocol value is traditionally lost to liquidations because of 3rd parties conducting them off-chain. Minterest executes liquidations on-chain and captures all liquidation fees lost by other protocols, keeping hundreds of millions USD on-chain, increasing user APY.

If you want to learn more about the current and upcoming Minterest innovations, make sure to visit Minterest Docs, the Technology Paper, and our Discord.

Benefits of a DeFi 2.0 Genesis Investor

The LBP is the first public opportunity to invest, the first step in the protocol token launch. LBP Participants can expect an extraordinary APY in the high end of 3-figure and beyond based on 5 key factors:

  1. Minterest token value potential
  2. Receive Minterest NFTs unlocking massive APY Boosts
  3. Minterest dashboard for a user-friendly experience
  4. Exclusive access to the private liquidity mining
  5. Exclusive access to MINTY and LP staking

You can calculate your return with our Minterest Token Yield Calculator.

Minterest token value potential

To understand the potential value of the token driven by the industry-first Buyback Mechanism, let’s look at Compound. The protocol had a TVL of $0.5B and grew to a $15B valuation; 30 times growth! But what happened to the value of their token? It only rose by 2 times: from $160 to $320. All because the token value didn’t correlate with Compound’s TVL by design.

The Minterest protocol is the first protocol to link the value of it’s token to TVL. The Buyback automatically uses all protocol surplus to acquire the MINTY tokens on the open market and distributes them to the protocol users, being the largest and most consistent buyer. Therefore, when the protocol moves from $100M in TVL during genesis to $10B in TVL, genesis investors who stake MINTY can expect tremendous yield.

More TVL > more protocol surplus > more tokens returned to the protocol > more yield.

Receive Minterest NFTs unlocking massive APY Boosts

The NFTs hold tremendous value, unlocking APY boosts up to 50% for as long as three years. Considering 70% of Compound’s TVL is held by 20 wallets, you might conclude that for one of those holders, a 50% APY boost on all TVL deployed will translate into a significant 7-figure value add over years.

Minterest dashboard for a user-friendly experience

LBP participants will have access to a user-friendly Minterest dashboard for a simple and transparent experience, hosting an overview and a leaderboard detailing live the USDC contributed by various participants in the LBP. They can also track their amounts and NFT level, along with the real-time changes in the price.

Access the dashboard here.

Exclusive access to the private liquidity mining

Minterest NFT holders get exclusive access to the private liquidity mining event. The protocol’s private launch is scheduled for the end of Q1 2022. For one month, the protocol will only be accessible to participants who hold an NFT from the LBP, their entry ticket to the pre-mine phase.

Exclusive access to MINTY and LP staking

The tokens acquired through the LBP are the only fully-vested tokens, all non-LBP tokens are locked for a minimum of 1 year in a block by block vesting schedule. This is a massive advantage since the LBP MINTY tokens are instantly tradeable during the DEX launch and eligible for the LP staking program.

The other option is to stake the MINTY LBP token in the Minterest protocol itself, earning all the Buyback rewards distributed to the limited number of stakers.

Both the liquidity mining and MINTY/ LP staking together are designed to drive massive APYs at the high end of 3-figures and more for the LBP participants.

LBP – Frequently asked questions

Why do we hold an LBP token event?

The Minterest LBP is a response to increasing requests for access to MINTY tokens. The mechanism protects our community from front running by large accounts and bots, built to incentivize a fair distribution of tokens across the 2-day event duration instead of being sold out in no time. To learn more about the “why” and “how-to” Minterest LBP, please read the article here.

What are the LBP Specs?

The LBP on Copper is set up with the following metrics:

LBP Pools: Copper
Start: 08th of February 2022 – 2 pm GMT
End: 10th of February 2022 – 2 pm GMT
MINTY Max Supply: 2,500,000 MINTY(2.5% total supply)
Initial MINTY liquidity provided: 2,500,000 MINTY
Initial USDC liquidity provided: 300,000 USDC
LBP Weights: Starting at 98/2 and will gradually adjust to 50/50

LBP Starting price: 5.88 USDCFor more information, please visit Copper.

When is the token private launch on DEXs and CEXs?

Token TGE and private launch on DEXs and CEXs will take place after the Minterest Protocol launches.

What are the vesting terms?

There will be no vesting for the tokens in the public offering. All tokens will be fully unlocked upon the launch of the Minterest Protocol (scheduled for March 2022). They will be fully liquid to trade on exchanges, to stake on Minterest, and to provide liquidity on DEXs.

To learn more, visit our extensive FAQ hereIntroducing Minterest – Minterest Docs

What is Minterest?

Minterest is a decentralised lending protocol. It comes with a unique economic model where the protocol itself captures 100% of the value it creates from interest income, flash loan fees, and auto-liquidation fees which it distributes to its users in return for their active participation in governance.

*Note that Minterest’s Autoliquidation Engine has been renamed to Solvency Engine.

21, January 2022