Minterest Labs Investor Spotlight Series – CMS Holdings LLC

Investors are fundamental to Minterest’s journey and the selection process undertaken by the team was intensive. Each investor was chosen because of their track record, long-term view and value-add to the team and protocol. We thought featuring them, and providing insights into why they are so important to Minterest, would be worthwhile, and possibly valuable, for other startups in the space.

This week, CMS Holdings LLC is in the spotlight.

CMS Holdings LLC is a principal investment firm that focuses on making investments across the crypto asset ecosystem. Incorporated in Delaware, U.S., they look to deploy capital in liquid and illiquid crypto tokens, and take up equity stakes in selected companies. CMS carefully chooses to partner with some of the most exciting up and coming technical protocols and projects in the industry.

Led by industry experts, CMS Holdings LLC is now one of the most prominent investors supporting blockchain and DeFi projects in the crypto ecosystem.

CMS Holdings LLC said,

“We were initially inspired to invest in Minterest because they have engineered a majorly innovative improvement in the current DeFi ecosystem by solving some of the fundamental issues facing legacy DeFi protocols. We were compelled by their unique token buyback mechanism, which is the first of its kind in DeFi and a truly sustainable and long-term model. It’s this kind of innovation that really attracts us as investors, and we couldn’t be happier to be on this journey.”

Kyn Chaturvedi, Chief Operating Officer of Minterest, said,

“CMS Holdings LLC has built a wealth of expertise through investments in key pillars of the blockchain space. Their impressive track record carries with it strategic insights and an unparalleled network — the results of which have already borne fruit for us. We anticipate this relationship as core to Minterest’s success in creating a fairer and more sustainable ecosystem in DeFi.”

So welcome to Minterest, in your best interest

About Minterest

Minterest is a unique borrowing/lending protocol built by industry leaders to service billions in Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi lending projects, with the specific aim of putting user benefits at its core. It has been engineered to ensure that users have access to a fair and inclusive decentralised DeFi platform.

The Minterest protocol has the world’s first buyback mechanism, which automatically passes on rewards to platform users and it’s unique on-chain treasury captures and shares the value created by liquidation processes with users. This means that users participate in rewards generated by the protocol, in addition to earning industry leading borrowing/lending rates. This results in potentially the highest long-term yields in DeFi.

28, November 2021