We’re giving away 200+ NFTs to celebrate Minterest NFTs launch on Mantle Network

Campaign Dates: February 27 – March 11, 2024
Distribution of NFTs to winners – March 15, 2024

We’re giving away 200+ NFTs

There is no way to hide our excitement, Minterest NFTs – now coming to Mantle Network. Minterest NFT collection includes 3,000 unique NFTs divided into 12 tiers, 1 being the highest & 12 – lowest. Each NFT presents a unique artwork featuring prominent figures in Web3 and offers emission boosts of 20- 50% for supplying and borrowing for a duration of 5 to 38 months.

To celebrate the launch of Minterest NFTs on Mintle, the leading NFT marketplace on Mantle, we’re hosting a massive competition on Galxe in partnership with Mantle Network & Mintle launching on Tuesday, February 27. 

Keep reading this blog post and be among the first to win Minterest’s limited edition yield boosting NFTs on Mantle Network.

Campaign structure

Our competition will be hosted on Galxe and offer a combination of social and on-chain tasks for crypto beginners and Web3 natives.

X space

We’ll kick off the campaign with a dedicated X Space hosted by Mantle where you can win 3 Level-12 NFTs. Don’t miss the chance to get answers to all your burning questions and start climbing the leaderboard. 
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Social (off-chain) tasks

Social campaigns will be split into two equal phases:

  • Phase 1: February 27 – March 4. 
  • Phase 2: March 5 – March 11.

In both phases, you’ll be able to enjoy similar quests such as interacting with our social communities, inviting friends to join the contest, as well as tweeting about your experience with Minterest NFTs. By splitting the campaign into 2 equal stages, we’re giving away double the amount of prizes! All you have to do is complete all the (super simple, might we add) tasks and you enter the raffle.

At the end of each phase, we’ll pick 25 winners totalling to 50 who supercharged our socials through a raffle. Each lucky community member will be rewarded with a Level-12 NFT. If you don’t win an NFT in the raffle of Phase 1, you will be added to the raffle of Phase 2.

On-chain tasks

If you want to take it up a notch and aim for NFT tiers offering higher boosts and longer validity, participate in the on-chain tasks. Unlike social and referral quests, on-chain activities will not renew and stay the same for the entire duration of the competition: from February 27 to March 11.

XP points

When you choose to do on-chain activities, you’ll be earning experience (XP) points. Your experience points will stop accumulating on March 11, 11:59 UTC. We’ll take a snapshot of the leaderboard wherein Top 100 contestants enter a raffle to split a prize pool of 25 Level-11 NFTs, 15 Level-10 NFTs, 9 Level-9 NFTs, or even a Level-4 NFT. In case of tie, all participants with equal XP up till position 100 on leaderboard shall be entered in the raffle.

Benefiting Citizens of Mantle NFT holders

Issued by Mantle Network, Citizens of Mantle is a NFT collection developed in collaboration with famed international visual artist Chen Man, whose signature style merges elements from both Eastern and Western traditions, enhanced by 3-D rendering and image manipulation techniques. 

If you already hold Citizen of Mantle (CoM) NFT, this is your one-of-a-kind opportunity to super boost your gains on Minterest on Mantle Network. Take part in this pool to win a Minterest NFT and get higher yield for all supplying and borrowing activities. 

Don’t have a CoM yet? Head over to Mintle and grab your own piece of the Citizens of Mantle collection. 

To support Citizens of Mantle holders, we’ll give away additional 50 Minterest NFTs of different tiers to Galxe participants who complete the tasks in this quest. 

Final surprise

In addition to the X space and Galxe campaign, we’re teaming up with top Key Opinion Leaders to give away more NFTs. Turn the bell on for the Minterest X, formerly Twitter account and stay tuned for daily alpha and a lineup of opportunities to bag an NFT.

Next steps

  1. Follow us on Telegram, Discord and Twitter
  2. Save the date for our Twitter Space hosted by Mantle Network
  3. Keep an eye on Minterest NFT giveaway from your favorite opinion makers. 
  4. Already own a Minterest NFT on ETH? Read this step-by-step guide for bridging Minterest NFTs to Mantle Network.

26, February 2024