A message from Josh Rogers, Founder & CEO of Minterest

Dear Minterest Supporters,

I want to provide insight into Minterest and its upcoming launch schedule. I appreciate the road to launch has not been smooth, despite in 2022 this being due to factors out of the team’s control. Irrespective of the circumstances, I do appreciate the frustration it likely causes, however the protocol is now firmly moving towards a public launch, with MNT then being generated following this.

Launch roadmap

The Minterest protocol is targeting an early Q4 launch date, and we will publish further detail on this, including updated tokenomics, well in advance. Minterest’s tokenomics update does require another security audit to be undertaken, and this is currently being scheduled. Given it is a dependency for public launch, once this audit is locked in, the launch roadmap will then be finalised and published. 

The token generation event (TGE), where MNT is created, and so MNT vesting in the protocol can begin, does need to occur following protocol launch. Such a stepwise process is required for technical, commercial, but also regulatory reasons so the timeframe for it will be announced closer to a future date as it is finalised. For those in Minterest’s community seeking a date for the MNT token’s TGE, it is simply not possible to confirm TGE until such requirements are fulfilled. The regulatory environment for DeFi lending protocols has changed markedly in 2022, and this now factors heavily not just in how Minterest rolls out but also in how this has been publicly communicated to its community.

Advanced feature set

Postponing launch has delivered upsides though, and quite substantial ones, namely in Minterest’s feature and design offering now being far more advanced than would have otherwise been possible. There is strategic reasoning as to why this has become significantly more important following the crypto sector’s crash, and I will cover this in a video to be uploaded shortly. Minterest is not simply another DeFi protocol, rather it is introducing feature innovation intended to be transformative for its users and much of this will now be included in the Q4 launch.

Portfolio probability risk

In addition to its auto-liquidation mechanisms, Minterest will now include a highly sophisticated risk probability engine, providing high value, live and accurate insight into the probability of a user’s loan portfolio being subject to liquidation. Development has occurred over the past year with Ph.D. backed experience in automated high frequency trading programs as used by investment banks. The ability for users to access such insights is unique in DeFi and extremely valuable in enabling users to mitigate their portfolio’s liquidation risk. User testing has confirmed it a feature highly sought after by DeFi users given its ability to mitigate what is a fundamental issue in portfolio management.

Liquidating liquidations

Post-launch, the team intends to propose a feature to Minterest governance which, if approved, will reduce the threat of liquidations for users. Offered as a protocol feature, user portfolios will be auto managed on their behalf to prevent impending liquidation events. Integrated with Minterest’s auto-liquidation mechanisms and portfolio probability risk engine, the advanced sophistication of this feature enables borrowers to maximise their positions knowing their liquidation risk is managed safely on their behalf.

Product design

Updated product design is currently in final stages, with the dashboard design unique to DeFi. It provides users detailed insight into their portfolio, enabling risk mitigation and yield maximisation at a level currently not available in the sector, and presents such data in an elegant, highly intuitive and simple to understand interface. Again, screenshots of this design will be provided to the community as it finalises. Its inspiration has been drawn from the dashboard of the current model Porsche 911 GT3!

Dashboard design of the Porsche 911 GT3


Minterest’s NFTs remain integral to its launch, with no variations to their function. With differences in DeFi interest rates between various protocols narrowing markedly since the crypto crash, we expect the advantage of NFT bonus emissions to be well sought after by larger users post launch.


As Minterest moves to launching, lots of more information will be coming your way, so please stay connected on Telegram but please also join Minterest’s Discord. Discord has numerous powerful and highly effective features which enables high value conversations to occur in ways Telegram is unable to, including multi-language channels with powerful language translation, so all Minterest’s various international communities are unified on one platform. Discord is now Minterest’s priority means of community communication with updates, AMAs and a host of other information, so we hope to see you there.

Thank you!

29, July 2022