Exciting Partnership – Minterest Joins Forces with CUBE3.AI

Minterest is excited to announce its partnership with CUBE3.AI, a collaboration aimed at fortifying Minterest lending protocol and community against threats. This strategic partnership empowers Minterest to not only monitor and Inspect transactions in real-time, but once fully integrated, block malicious threats before they resolve on chain.

Through this integration, Minterest leverages cutting-edge machine learning algorithms that evaluate every blockchain transaction interaction with its contracts.  In addition to monitoring and detecting exploits, fraud and scams, CUBE3’s Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) “Protect” product can block malicious transactions. Once CUBE3 RASP product is integrated, Minterest will enhance transaction security, increasing community sentiment and incentives for liquidity providers and borrowers.

Denis Romanovsky, CTO at Minterest, commented on the partnership:

Minterest invests heavily in the security of its protocol. CUBE3.AI’s monitoring solution is a valuable addition to our security toolkit. It’s easy to set up, robust, and autonomous, providing real-time insights into potentially threatening transactions. We highly value the quality of services provided by CUBE3.AI and plan to deepen our partnership by integrating more of their security products.

Stay tuned for updates and follow @Minterest and @cube3ai on Twitter for our upcoming Ask Me Anything (AMA) session.

For more information about CUBE3.AI, please visit their website to sign up for Detect and Manage for free or request a demo.

CUBE3.AI is the first-ever web3 real-time transaction security platform. Leveraging advanced machine learning, CUBE3 detects and blocks threats before they can be executed, guarding against cyber exploits, wallet hacks, fraud, vulnerabilities, and compliance risks.

14, September 2023