Introducing the Minterest NEXT LEVEL NFT Lottery

Minterest is now approaching the next level of its development – the community allocation event. If you haven’t heard about the Minterest protocol yet, you may find details here:

We believe that users are the ones who give protocols their value, so we have designed the community offering to reflect our ethos of fairer finance and inclusivity, and to address the specific requests of our supporters.

Our community comes first

We listened to our community’s biggest request: By signing up for the whitelist you will receive a guaranteed allocation in the community allocation event!**

To maximize community value, we are excited to further present the Minterest “APY boost” NFT lottery! The pool of the lottery holds NFTs, which provide access to 7-figure APY boosts.*

All whitelisted participants automatically receive tickets for the lottery. The amount of lottery tickets awarded depends on how early a participant signs up to our community event. So, a day-one sign up will earn you 20 tickets. Sign up rewards will then be reduced by one each day until the end of the event. See the amount of days left on the countdown on our community allocation event page here or check in the table below.

Sign up now to maximize the amount of lottery tickets you can receive!

Lottery tickets per signupSignup dateLottery tickets per signupSignup dateLottery tickets per signupSignup date

NFT value explained

The NFTs provide access to protocol functionality that can generate millions of dollars in APY boosts. There are a limited number of NFTs available, which is why Minterest is committed to ensuring full tradeability of the NFTs so participants can interchange their NFTs based on their needs.

Here’s one example: Over 72% of all TVL in Compound is held by only a few wallets, according to Dune Analytics. It is no surprise that the rare and valuable NFTs are especially attractive for large asset holders. The top tier NFT will enable any holder to earn up to 50% more APY* for a five-year period on unlimited TVL. For our largest professional users, this NFT unlocks protocol functionality that can result in millions of dollars of additional rewards. Further, the NFTs work as “keys” to exclusive protocol functionality, e.g. early access to the protocol beta launch.

It makes sense that the NFTs could generate tremendous value to anyone who holds them. And, we want to provide opportunities to the Minterest community to gain access to these benefits. The lottery will give our supporters a first chance of winning such NFTs!

Why Minterest has introduced the NFT functionality

Long-term liquidity providers are essential to the health of the Minterest protocol. The NFTs are designed directly to reward long-term supporters.

The purpose of NFTs is to detach value-added benefits from individual accounts and make them transferable among the community directly or through NFT marketplaces. Imagine exclusive credit card rewards detached from an individual and thereby transferable to others, and you get the basic idea. We believe this level of flexibility will encourage sustainable and healthy growth of the protocol.

Refer your friends and receive an extra lottery ticket each

At the end of the sign up process you will get an individual referral link. Every friend you refer that uses the link to sign-up, will receive one additional lottery ticket, and so will you. For a guaranteed allocation in the community allocation event, and to get the maximum amount of lottery tickets, sign up here today.

Anti bot disclaimer

All lottery tickets will have a simple but very effective anti-bot prevention mechanism. The lottery winners will be announced only after the community allocation event. The lottery will therefore be held among participants of the community allocation event, ensuring the sign-up email belongs to a human and not a bot.

If you have any questions you can reach us on Telegram or Discord.

So welcome to Minterest, in your best interest

About Minterest

Minterest is a unique borrowing/lending protocol built by industry leaders to service the billions in Total Value Locked (TVL), in DeFi lending projects, with the specific aim of putting user benefits at its core. It provides users with a decentralised financial platform that is fair and inclusive.

The Minterest protocol has the world’s first buyback mechanism, which automatically passes on surpluses to contributing platform users. This way, users receive protocol rewards on top of industry leading borrowing/lending rates, creating the potential for the highest long-term yields in DeFi. The protocol also has an on-chain treasury which captures and shares liquidation surpluses with users.

03, November 2021