API3 partners with Minterest to unlock $mETH and $mUSD

We’re excited to announce that Minterest is now integrated with API3, a leading blockchain oracle provider. This partnership bridges the gap between off-chain data and on-chain applications like Minterest with maximum security and minimal latency. 

Our collaboration combines API3’s advanced data services with Minterest’s next-gen lending protocol. Minterest is now seamlessly integrated into the robust Mantle Network to unlock lending and borrowing in $mETH and $MUSD

Together with API3 and the Mantle Network, we’re creating a DeFi space that is more secure and user-focused. This partnership will introduce new opportunities and much-anticipated mETH and mUSD markets, expanding our potential in the DeFi landscape. Read more to uncover the details of our collaboration.

What is API3?

API3 is a leading blockchain oracle provider bridging traditional third-party oracle networks to first-party oracle solutions. 

API3 offers a range of tools for developers who are creating advanced applications, including:

  • Airnode, which lets API providers connect directly to the blockchain.
  • Decentralized data feeds (dAPIs) available on the API3 Market.
  • QRNG services that generate genuinely random numbers on the blockchain.
  • OEV Share, is a feature that helps decentralized apps (dApps) enhance their performance and benefit from Oracle Extractable Value.
  • And much more. 

API3 builds an interconnected, sustainable ecosystem with verifiable, decentralized, and secure oracle solutions.

What is Minterest?

Minterest is the only decentralized lending protocol that captures 100% of fees and then redistributes those fees back to users through a  buy back of the $MINTY governance token. Minterest is also able to tap into greater fee capture through its unique Solvency Engine which manages liquidations at the protocol level instead of relying on third parties.

The protocol’s architecture attracts and retains long-term liquidity over inflationary mechanisms and ensures that Minterest community and $MINTY token holders benefit from our value-centric ecosystem. 

Minterest redistributes the maximum value from the protocol back to users and $MINTY token holders. As a result, Minterest is effectively able to offer improved lending and borrowing interest rates that are sustainable.

Minterest partners with API3 to  unlock mETH and mUSD

By integrating API3’s data services, Minterest can offer a broader range of tokens and cryptocurrencies, including the long-awaited lending and borrowing features for Mantle’s LSP. 

This integration enables Minterest to launch the mETH and mUSD markets for lending and borrowing. This collaboration will spark a high APY generation event for Minterest, presenting an attractive opportunity for liquidity providers.

Minterest’s collaboration with API3 is central to the protocol’s growth strategy and marks a crucial step in its roadmap to broaden cross-chain interactions, minimize liquidity fragmentation, and usher in a new wave of accessibility for DeFi users.

What’s next for Minterest?

The partnership between Minterest and API3 revolutionizes DeFi by combining API3’s data expertise with Minterest’s lending innovations, creating a more integrated, efficient, and user-centric platform. 

Opening Minterest to mETH and mUSD markets is a huge milestone in our roadmap, and the API3 integration will continue to bridge our protocol to the most lucrative opportunities for users. 
Celebrate the announcement on Twitter and join the community for upcoming updates.

23, January 2024