Introducing: The Exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel on Discord

Dear Minteresters, we’re happy to announce that you can now join our exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Discord channel for a behind-the-scenes look at the project’s development, NFT drops and stay up to date with the latest news.


  • The exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel provides you with access to NFT drops, Minterest merch, channel member announcements and events.
  • Complete Minterest quizzes on April 4, 7, and 13. Correctly answer 80% or more of the questions and complete all three quizzes to get the exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel invitation. 

What Is The Exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel?

The Exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel is a Discord channel for the most engaged, informed & dedicated community members.

Why Join The Exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel?

The Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel membership gives you:

  • Access to Minterest merch
  • Minterest APY boosting NFT drops
  • Exclusive sneak peeks of what we’re working on
  • First-hand news and events related to Minterest

How To Join The Exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel?

Minterest Ambassadors and Quizmeisters on Discord are automatically added to the Channel. If you haven’t participated in the Minterest DC quizzes yet, you may join the exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel this week by taking quizzes.

We have 3 upcoming quizzes on Minterest Protocol:

  1. Join us on Monday, April 4
  2. Join us on Thursday, April 7 
  3. Join us on Wednesday, April 13

Join the quiz and answer questions to get the tag. The Tags are awarded to everyone who gets more than 80% of the questions correct.

  • If you successfully complete 1 Quiz, you get the Novice tag
  • If you successfully complete 2 Quizzes, you get the Troubleshooter tag
  • If you successfully complete 3 Quizzes, you get the Specialist tag

More details about the tags and OG roles in the Minterest Discord channels will be shared later.

Who Can Access The Exclusive Senior Mintrepreneurs Channel?

You’ll be invited to the Senior Mintrepreneurs Discord Channel if:

  • You have the Specialist Tag (you successfully answered 80% or more of the questions in all three quizzes)
  • You’re a Quizmeister (you successfully completed Minterest DC quizzes in the past)
  • You’re an Ambassador (you joined the Minterest Ambassador program)

We can’t wait to release all the big news, our fresh batch of merch and more with our Mintrepreneurs!

05, April 2022