Minterest UX and UI – An elegant and unique design

An excellent User Experience (UX) and a functional User Interface (UI)  are vital components  of any successful digital product. They are make or break design features  that help a user successfully navigate a platform’s products, tools, and services. The way a user experiences a platform will ultimately determine whether they become a long-term user, or jump off to find an easier alternative. Exceptional UX is especially important in DeFi due to its complex and multifaceted nature. 

The DeFi space has traditionally focused on functionality and tech, with the UX element often being sacrificed. Due to the rapidly changing iterations of DeFi, the industry has its work cut out; maintaining a balance between function and usability is a challenge that requires constant attention. The Minterest development team is well aware that the entire process of accessing a DeFi protocol requires a degree of technical aptitude which many potential users may not have. So in addition to building a robust platform, they are equally focussed on ensuring that the dashboard presents a frictionless and satisfying  experience for all its users. 

A clunky and convoluted UX or poor execution of UI on initial engagement with a protocol can result in a significant user drop-off.  Someone who is new to crypto has to face a steep learning curve. To get to the point where they will be interacting with a protocol, they will have already had to figure out the crypto ecosystem, this may include deciding which blockchain network they want to hold assets on, understanding how to bridge assets from one chain to another, understand the impact of gas fees, and how to navigate the risks associated in participating on a DeFi protocol. The last thing they need is a confusing UX experience.

Minterest Continues To #BUIDL And Evolve

The entire industry has an incentive to improve UX on their protocols, as their mission to provide fair and equitable finance for all means that everyone needs to be able to access them. The Minterest dashboard journey has significantly evolved in the last year. After a series of lively workshops and brainstorming sessions, the vision grew from a few whiteboard images, to the current architecture and user interface that we have now. 

It is important to note however, that what you will see in the Beta versions is not the final design, you should rather view it as a draft. The team is workshopping the final design over the next few weeks.

Minterest has come a long way, with two community allocation events, an LBP event, two major successful smart contract security audits, as well as the Beta launch under our belt. The UX and UI  designs are now a core focus. We are constantly thinking about our users, and how to ensure that the protocol is easy and intuitive to use, and this means we will soon be able to show you our elegant, unique and very cool designs. 

As always, we would like to remind you how important your support is – we couldn’t do it without you. Minterest keeps on #BUIDLing and striving towards being the most inclusive and fair DeFi protocol in the industry.

30, May 2022