Minterest Update Summary

Feb 28 to Mar 17, 2023

The final stage of Private Launch is live. That means money markets are growing, TVL is climbing – and the dev team is busy fixing bugs and adding new features ahead of public launch.

Here are some of the key updates in the roughly three weeks since the final stage went live.

  • Integrated Gas Price Prediction 28.02.2023

Activated the gas price prediction feature to set the correct gas for swap/transfer transactions and to prevent transactions from hanging.

  • Codebase Optimizations 02.03.2023

Integrated Manual Swap Manager into all inquisition services. Adjusted the codebases for increased efficiency.

  • User Interface Add-ons 07.03.2023

Implemented several updates to the user interface. Added a button that enables easy access to available NFTs on OpenSea. Created a dedicated block to display total rewards, and included total supply/borrow values in the table headers.

  • Bug Fixing Spree 09.03.2023

Fixed several bugs related to collateral and net APY display. Added helpful tooltips for staking and withdrawing. Temporarily hid some graphs until they can be fixed to ensure optimal user experience.

  • Risk Endpoint Testing 16.03.2023

Introduced an API endpoint functionality that calculates the probability of default for a given portfolio using collateral and borrowing data. The tool enables monitoring the overall health of a selected portfolio by assessing the risk over the next three days.

Further Updates

Regular summaries of important updates will be posted here on the blog. For a

17, March 2023