Lock & Load Terms and Conditions

1. The offer is valid from October 6th till December 21st (11 AM UTC), 2022. These dates may vary at our own convenience to either delay the start and / or change the end date.

2. A select number of users from the Community Allocation Event (CAE) and LBP token event participants can opt-in to this offer using the same Ethereum wallet address from CAE or LBP.

3. If the wallet during the LBP and CAE was the same then the total MNT for both events will be displayed and available for the limited time of this offer.

4. After accepting the Lock & Load offer, the amount of MNT tokens in your wallet will double! I.e., if you acquired 100 MNT tokens during CAE or LBP, then you will have 200 MNT tokens from Minterest!

5. When you accept and opt-in to the Lock & Load offer then both the MNT tokens you aquired during CAE or LBP and the MNT tokens given to you as part of this offer will be locked for 12 months from protocol launch.

6. The locking period starts and - cannot be reversed - around 12 months of the MNT tokens being minted. At that point, a 12 month Block by Block dripping starts to release block by block.

7. When locked, the MNT tokens are not transferrable to another wallet and it is not possible to otherwise stake or sell the locked MNT tokens.

8. Accepting this offer is irreversible and will at least double your MNT amount. Lock & Load conveys a 100% increase on your tokens.

9. MNT tokens will become transferrable after vesting block-by-block during the additional 12 months period that follows the locking period.

10. The locked MNT tokens will grant you voting rights in Minterest protocol governance but aside from doubling in amount, do not earn MNT staking and buyback rewards.