Minterest’s Launch Roadmap

From Josh Rogers, CEO of Minterest

Hi everyone,

Today I’m providing insights into Minterest’s unfolding launch roadmap. Given the fall-out from the sector crash earlier this year, launching as we originally intended would have meant project suicide. I appreciate the decision to delay did frustrate some people, and I want to acknowledge and thank everyone in Minterest’s community for their patience and commitment despite the tough circumstances. 

Minterest is ready to launch, and it is exciting to take the first step with Private Launch. Private Launch allows deployment of Minterest’s smart-contract suite in a staged manner within a controlled environment while allowing the opportunity to reward supporters for their contribution.

The private launch happens in two distinct phases over about 3-4 months.

Private Launch

Early access – LBP participants & NFT holders

Initially Private Launch will allow simple access to the protocol for LBP participants (which includes CAE) and NFT holders to connect their wallets and confirm their allocation.  

If you are an LBP participant there is also an opportunity to consider – Lock & Load. Lock & Load allows you to double your token balance. In return you accept the same terms as other Minterest supporters, which includes every private investor – a 12 month lock-up followed by 12 month vesting, where MNT is vested block-by-block. 

You lock in on the Minterest journey, we load you up in return. Lock & Load is exclusive to LBP participants, and there is time to properly consider it. The offer is open till just prior to the protocol’s token markets are launched with the final date dependent on security audit completion. It’s likely mid to late November but we’ll announce the exact date as soon as it’s confirmed.

Protocol launch – NFT holders

When token markets launch, so will emission rewards and NFTs. Lending and borrowing will earn rewards as will staking. Governance Rewards and Buyback Rewards also kick in, so Minterest yield farming can move into high gear. 

There is a catch though. Access is restricted to NFT holders only, so emission rewards can only be earned if you hold a Minterest NFT. With about 400 NFTs issued it means only a small number of users have access to the protocol. Here less is more, because less users means rewards are higher per user than when the public pours in. 

Once minted, NFTs will be immediately tradeable so if you don’t have one it will be possible to pick one up at a marketplace. We’ll be providing lots of info on NFTs over coming weeks.

Rewards during private launch are locked till MNT lists on a centralised exchange. The intention is for listing to occur pretty quickly, but before it happens we want to provide a period for project supporters to benefit from earning higher rewards. It is Minterest’s way of saying thank you for all their support.

As all this happens Minterest will move away from the current Beta design, and trust me – the brand new look and feel is simply awesome! You’ll see it evolve on the way to public launch.

Public Launch

Public Launch is going to happen in the first quarter 2023. There is simply no point launching in late December with Santa distracting everyone. At Public Launch, MNT is fully liquid, so you’ll be able to withdraw or transfer tokens to external wallets. 

The protocol is open to everyone, so this is when the world’s liquidity providers will gain access to the benefits of a next-generation DeFi protocol.

Next Steps

If you participated in the LBP or CAE or hold a Minterest NFT you will get information on how to join Private Launch early next week, so please keep an eye on our community channels.

Thank you once again for all your support. It is so recognised by all of us building Minterest and very much appreciated.

14, October 2022