The Next Level Minterest APY Boost NFT lottery: Here’s what’s Inside!

The Next Level Minterest APY Boost NFT lottery.

The entire premise of DeFi is to create a fairer, more inclusive financial ecosystem for all. However, Minterest is fully aware that the biggest proportion of the beneficiaries are professional investors. For example, according to Dune Analytics. 72% of all TVL in Compound is held by only a few wallets. In addition, users often miss out on allocations, and Minterest aims to change this.

Firstly we have created an environment whereby everyone who signs up for the whitelisting is guaranteed an allocation. Secondly we launched a ground-breaking NFT lottery with 7 figure APY boosts that the entire community can access, instead of a wealthy few!

Why NFTs?

The NFTs are designed to incentivise investors with large TVL and to foster long-term loyalty. The NFTs will give the top level investors the ability to earn up to 50% more APY for a three-year period on unlimited TVL. For the largest professional users, this NFT unlocks protocol functionality that can result in millions of dollars of additional rewards. Further, the NFTs work as “keys” to exclusive protocol functionality, e.g. early access to the protocol beta launch.

The NFTs could generate tremendous value for anyone who holds them, and the entire Minterest community will have the opportunity to access them.
Each NFT features custom artwork in the image of a blockchain superstar, crafted by noted illustrators. View all unveiled NFTs and marvel at the range of artistic expression at our NFT gallery here: NFT gallery

How it works

The lottery has 85 NFTs – all providing different boosts over different time periods for unlimited TVL. The 85 NFTs will produce a protocol functionality value-add which will exceed 7-figures – Our Level 1 NFT, featuring Satoshi Nakamoto, provides a rewards boost of 50% over 36 months, plus early access to the Minterest protocol beta launch.

NFT lottery tickets can be collected throughout the Minterest Next Level Community Allocation Event (CAE), benefiting early supporters and rewarding referrals.

The NFT Levels & functionality

The Minterest APY boost NFTs have different functionalities based on their levels. As we mentioned in a previous article, the value-add of one NFT can exceed 7 figures. Please visit here for more information: NFT lottery. We are making sure that all our community benefits from the tremendous value of these NFTs, locking away 85 of those in the lottery pool!

The major lottery for Minterest NFTs will take place on the 14th ofFebruary. To be eligible you must make a deposit in CAE or LBP. arn NFT “APY Boost ” lottery tickets by referring a friend in the Whitelisting interface. Each person referred will result in an additional lottery ticket for you and them! Please ensure that you complete all mandatory steps in the Whitelisting.

What do I need to do to participate

  1. You can simply follow this link and complete the whitelisting steps.
  2. You can earn NFT ‘APY Boost’ lottery tickets by referring a friend in the whitelisting interface. If a referral completes at least one action, both of you will receive an additional lottery ticket.
  3. To be eligible to participate in the NFT ‘APY Boost’ lottery, you must make a deposit in CAE 2.

Did you Whitelist in the December 2021 CAE and are curious about whether you need to Whitelist again?

If you participated in the earlier CAE in December 2021 and

  • Opted to keep your deposit with Minterest, you are not required to Whitelist again. However, Whitelisting again with the same email address can earn you more lottery tickets through referring friends. Note, all of your previously earned lottery tickets have been rolled-over into this CAE!
  • Received a refund or did not make a deposit at all, you are required to Whitelist again using the same email address. Any previously earned lottery tickets will roll-over into this CAE too!

Have a look at our event page for more information and Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram and Discord channels to ask any questions and stay up to date with our current events.

What is Minterest?

Minterest is a decentralised lending protocol. It comes with a unique economic model where the protocol itself captures 100% of the value it creates from interest income, flash loan fees, and auto-liquidation fees which it passes on to its users in return for their active participation in governance.

24, November 2021