Minterest UI/UX Content Framework

UI/UX design in the DeFi space has come a long way in recent months. Clunky, lacklustre user experience (UX) is on the decline. Design no longer feels like it focuses solely on developers in the space. Instead, intuitive and customer-centric user experiences are increasingly designed for retail and institutions alike. 

However, just like crypto, DeFi is still in its infancy, and most users would agree that the majority of the DeFi applications out there today can be difficult to navigate. There’s a steep learning curve, information presentation can be confusing, and there are few (if any!) tools to help manage your risk. 

Exceptional UX is especially important in DeFi due to its complex and multifaceted nature. With clear information and user-oriented design, Minterest aims to deliver DeFi’s best user experience.

Presenting the Minterest UX (Beta)

The Minterest Design Philosophy

Minterest began rebranding from the ground up after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem that pushed the entire DeFi space into an evolutionary ecosystem shift. At the same time, there was an opportunity to improve Minterest and position it to be among the frontrunners of the new DeFi world. 

The design team revisited everything: the target market, their behaviour and needs, and the broader DeFi ecosystem, all with the goal of building a best-in-class user experience. 

Here are some of the key components that came out of that effort. 

Note: Minterest is in Beta right now and there will be significant design changes in the public release. More awesome things to come so stay tuned!

App Core Design

If you look at other DeFi protocols in the space, they provide very little information for you to track your investment behaviour and current status of your positions. That includes critical information for borrowers and lenders, including the result of any additional actions like re-supply or withdrawals.

To solve this problem, Minterest combines every piece of information and fits them into a compact dashboard, all in one place. With more accessible information, you can make better decisions when it comes to your investments and risk management. 

Minterest positions performance metrics right in your face; the idea was inspired by a car dashboard (more about that later, surprise!). When you’re driving a car, let’s say a sports car, you have a split second timeframe to stare at the dashboard and get all the information that you need, be it RPM, Fuel, or speed levels. 

The Minterest dashboard operates on similar principles. All the information, at one glance, with intuitive gauges, so you don’t feel overwhelmed trying to hop around to different sections of the application. 

Colour Theme

The DeFi space right now is divided into dark/white themes. Instead of going with one single theme, Minterest utilises the black theme for visual design elements and white theme for more technical and robust table style data. 

Minterest also analyses users’ logical eye movement and follows 5-second readability rules, keeping the data easily understandable and visual noise to a minimum.

Extract from the Guidebook

Device Types

Unlike Web 2.0, Minterest follows other DeFi protocols in shying away from a mobile-first approach. Financial decisions are not made purely on mobile, particularly with advanced systems like lending protocols.

That said, Minterest does focus on mobile friendliness and usability. Minterest users should be able to act on the go whenever and wherever they need to. Minterest provides more data more easily through the dashboard, and in the event of market turbulence or extreme volatility, Minterest users need to be able to take action on mobile as well as desktop-based interfaces…

Alert System

Another design vector that Minterest provides is greater awareness of your current positions. Many protocols today don’t have any notification or alert systems in place, and it can come as a surprise when your positions are liquidated. 

For that reason, awareness is one of Minterest’s main goals and a key part of its customer-centric approach. Minterest provides multiple tools to alert you before anything happens to your assets, so you can sleep better at night, or enjoy that vacation.

Note that Minterest does not 100% guarantee that your positions will not be liquidated with little or no warning, but the protocol is designed to provide the best possible information before things get to a point of no return.

Minterest UI/UX: Knowledge is power in the new DeFi

The crypto market crash exposed just how little information many investors had about the crypto world. From FTX revelations to sudden stablecoin collapses, there was a great deal of misinformation and noise in the ecosystem.

Minterest’s new UI/UX provides a bit of clarity, giving users improved access to vital information in an easy-to-grasp display.

In the emerging, post-crash DeFi world, knowledge is power, and Minterest delivers.

Bonus: Minterest Merch is coming…

Community members asked for it, and Minterest answered. Here’s a taste of the upcoming Minterest merchandise. 

Wear a Satoshi shirt with a Satoshi case on your mobile, that’ll be quite a flex! 

Here are the illustrations of what is about to drop!

Stay tuned for more updates!

29, November 2022