Minterest Stakeholders: Same Tokenomics, Honouring Your Extra Allocation

Minterest’s tokenomics have been a topic for many, particularly regarding any potential changes before the public launch. The short answer is that Minterest tokenomics remain unchanged, including a sizable uplift of 50% extended to token holders earlier in the year.

Minterest Smart Contracts are Unchanged

The Minterest Smart Contracts continue to evolve, but their foundational aspects, including the Minterest ERC20 token smart contract, remain unchanged. Existing token holders can rest assured that no action is needed on their part. The current Minterest Smart Contracts list is located on the Gitbook here.

Tokenomics are Maintained

All Minterest token holders continue to operate under the same terms as before. Cliff and unlock periods for early supporters remain unchanged, and rewards are still accruing in the same manner for liquidity providers.

Vestings for early supporters commenced in February 2023 and will be honoured as outlined in the Minterest Whitepaper and the table below.

Minterest Tokenomics

The full Minterest Tokenomics is available here.

Honouring the 50% Uplift for Stakeholders

Earlier this year, the Minterest total token supply was reduced from 100 million to 65.9 million MINTY tokens (formerly MINTY) from the burning of a third of the supply. This process streamlined tokenomics by shortening the overall emissions schedule to 5 years and making the numbers simpler to understand over that period. The impact of this decision for the benefit of all Minterest stakeholders is significant.

The percentage share of the overall supply is more valuable to the stakeholders than the number of tokens they possess. Early supporters, who previously held 20% of the total supply, now have a 30% share — a 50% uplift in overall token value allocation.

Beyond Numbers, a Greater Impact

This shift transcends mere numbers; it will amplify community impact in future governance decisions. For liquidity providers, this represents an increased share of Minterest’s buyback rewards too.

Share of Token Supply Ownership

Embracing Stability and Long-Term Vision

Minterest tokenomics 2.0 introduced back in January 2023 was a carefully calculated move to benefit all token holders, magnifying the share and influence of each participant in the Minterest ecosystem. This remains a part of our ongoing commitment to instil stability and to chart a long-term vision of success with all stakeholders.

For more information on the path towards Public Launch, please read about the Minterest Roadmap.

29, August 2023