Tech Insights

  • Minterest Continues to #BUIDL

    At Minterest we never stop building. Here we are sharing latest product releases

    • 04, October 2023

      Brand Refresh & UI Tweaks: Minterest Gears Up for Security Audit

      New brand colors were delivered to production servers, as well as a bunch of minor UI tweaks and fixes, which improve stability of the UI and enhance user experience. The Minterest team prepared the code for the new security audit. This includes increasing of NFT life span and change of the native token ticker.

    • 27, September 2023

      On-chain liquidation

      The web services are updated to support on chain liquidation – preparing input data, processing outputs and logging the flow. The infrastructure of Minterest now handles on-chain events with grace. Successful liquidations no longer require reserves on a market to liquidate an insolvent position – flash loans are now used to repay debts

    • 20, September 2023

      Offchain liquidation services

      Offchain liquidation services are adapted to the new on-chain logic and are able to properly track borrowers and their states. New data types and adapters were also implemented to support the new liquidation flow.

    • 13, September 2023

      Enhancing User Experience: New UI Improvements

      We’ve rolled out various User Interface enhancements on our production servers. These updates include additional navigation options accessible from the Supply transaction success modal. We’ve also streamlined the pages by removing redundant NFT data since NFTs are not yet active.

    • 06, September 2023

      Enhancing Off-Chain Algorithms for Liquidation Logic and Flash Loans

      Our off-chain algorithm has been optimised for 1-to-1 liquidation logic and flash loans, a significant improvement over the previous all-to-all approach. Debugging and identifying the best liquidation pair are now quicker, further enhancing our platform’s efficiency.

    • 30, August 2023

      We have prepared a fix for Wallet Connect.

      The library is migrated to a new version, the usage of older editions is no longer possible. That is why our web developers had to integrate the new version of WalletConnect and implement all related supporting features. This fix is soon to be delivered to our users.

    • 23, August 2023

      Introducing Integration Scripts for Protocol’s Liquidation Contracts

      We’ve designed deploy scripts, simplifying the process of integrating new liquidation contracts into different environments. These scripts establish smooth connections with existing protocol instances.

    • 16, August 2023

      We’ve wrapped up development on the Flasher, a contract that coordinates with DEXes when the Liquidator contract receives ceased collateral.

      The Flasher handles flash loans, DEX swaps, and liquidation profit. Its complete with unit tests and ready for auditing and Ethereum main net testing. Both Liquidation and Flasher contracts also underwent benchmark testing, offering insights into gas consumption per transaction. This valuable tool aids future gas optimization efforts.

    • 09, August 2023

      CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Delivery) tools are revived.

      The tooling was conservated for some time, now the team can operate using best practices and proper quality gates like unit tests.

    • 02, August 2023

      Rework Liquidation contract to use flash loans and 1 to 1 liquidation approach.

      This contract is an orchestrator of the flow, not the executing contract and is responsible for validations, seize of collateral, API to get data offchain, internal calculation logic. All the pieces are now ready to work with flash loans.

    • 28, April 2023

      Release v2.1.12

      Bug-fix: Dashboard: Available MNT rewards calculation fix

      Fixed an issue where users with only 1 activity in the protocol money markets caused their Available MNT count fluctuate after first full period (30 days) of unlocking occurred. Total MNT rewards were not affected.

    • 28, April 2023

      Release v2.1.12

      Feature updates: Dashboard: My positions table – NFT boost blockFeature updates

      Users can now see their NFT boost as a separate value for each market.

    • 28, April 2023

      Release v2.1.12

      Feature updates: Portfolio risk gauge MVP

      We have launched our MVP for Risk Gauge. Where users can see their portfolio risk in 72h timeframe in the scale of 0-100.

    • 20, March 2023

      Release v2.1.11

      Bug-fix: Dashboard: Portfolio distribution chart – Design fixes

      Fixed the Title position and pie chart alignment within the block.

    • 16, March 2023

      Risk Endpoint Testing

      We introduced an API endpoint functionality that calculates the probability of default for a given portfolio using collateral and borrowing data. The tool enables monitoring the overall health of a selected portfolio by assessing the risk over the next three days.

    • 16, March 2023

      Release v2.1.10

      Feature updates: Dashboard: Portfolio Distribution chart

      Users can now see their Portfolio distribution on both Supply and Borrow side, shown as pie chart.

    • 15, March 2023

      Release v2.1.9

      Bug-fix: User session disconnected upon refresh with Safari and WalletConnect

      Users who connected to Minterest with Safari and WalletConnect were disconnected from App after manual refresh.

    • 15, March 2023

      Release v2.1.9

      Feature updates: Gauges: Market details page – Replaced Token amounts visible in the gauges

      On market details page – in gauges area now it shows “Your Total supply or Borrow” amount, instead of  Your <Token> amount.

    • 09, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.8

      Feature updates: Dashboard: NFT block – Added additional disclaimer on block header

      Users can now see disclaimer that NFT boost is not enabled during Private launch.

    • 09, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.8

      Feature updates: Dashboard: NFT block – Updated the link to correct address on Opensea

      Minterest updated Opensea NFT collection link from to

    • 09, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.8

      Feature updates: Global number display rules – Updated USD values in compact view to X.XX format

      All compact numbers globally are now converted to X.XX format at all times.

    • 08, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.7

      Bug-fix: Dashboard: MNT Rewards – Display of Governance reward APY

      Users who only supplied to different markets once and had Governance participation turned on did not see Governance reward APY.

    • 08, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.7

      Bug-fix: Transaction details – Behaviour of Approval on USDT market

      The USDT token smart-contract does not allow approve operations if the spender already has an allowance greater than zero.

    • 08, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.7

      Bug-fix: NET APY Gauge – Removed % sign after NFT tier

      The % sign was accidentally added, and has now been removed, on the NFT boost displaying the Tier.

    • 08, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.7

      Bug-fix: Supply-Borrow-Repay-Withdraw modal within the Gauges – Hide Gas cost prediction

      The gas prediction modal has been hidden while the team works to improve its accuracy.

    • 08, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.7

      Feature updates: App Navbar – New menu “More” added

      Users can now see quick links to the most important pages, like FAQ, community channels, code repository and Terms of Use.

    • 07, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.6

      Bug-fix: Dashboard and Markets table views – Removed NFT boost % from the APY blockBug-fix:

      Standard Emissions APY and NFT Emissions (“NFT boost”) APY are now displayed separately for clearer messaging.

    • 07, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.6

      Feature updates: Supply-Borrow-Repay-Withdraw modal within the Gauges – Enable collateral message

      A message will appear to enable supplied assets as collateral to increase borrow capacity if it is not currently enabled.

    • 07, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.6

      Feature updates: Supply-Borrow-Repay-Withdraw modal within the Gauges – Enable governance participation message

      A message will appear to enable governance participation to receive staking rewards if it is not currently enabled.

    • 07, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.6

      Feature updates: NET APY Gauge – Display % sign with larger font and white color

      Users can now see the % sign more clearly inside the NET APY gauge, including displaying the % sign when hovering on elements like “Emissions.”

    • 06, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.5

      Bug-fix: Markets Overview: Fixed separator colour between the header and body

      Fixed minor UI issue on the markets overview page that affected the layout for tablet users only.

    • 06, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.5

      Bug-fix: Fixed Collateral bug after withdrawing all supply from the protocol (dust bug)

      UI improvements have been made for users who withdraw all of their positions since they will still have fractional amounts of assets (dust) left in the protocol.

    • 06, March 2023

      Release v.2.1.5

      Feature Update: Front Page: Added Supply & Borrow tooltips (NFT access required)

      During Private Launch phase, users without NFTs will be provided a tooltip message on the Supply and Borrow buttons that a Minterest NFT is required in order to use protocol features.

    • 06, March 2023

      Release v2.1.5

      Bug-fix: Market Details: Fixed the display of Net APY per market where the user has only borrowed

      Users can now see each market Net APY on the respective market page when solely borrowing (not supplying).

    • 06, March 2023

      Release v2.1.5

      Feature Update: Front Page: Added Total Supply & Borrow values on top of table header

      Users connecting their wallets can now see protocol total supply and total borrow amounts in USD.

    • 06, March 2023

      Release v2.1.5

      Feature Update: Dashboard: Display Total MNT Rewards in “MNT rewards” block

      Users can now see the amount of total MNT Rewards earned including both withdrawable and locked MNT rewards.

    • 03, March 2023

      Release v2.1.4

      Feature Update: Dashboard: Added Stake / Withdraw button tooltips

      The tooltips inform users that both Stake and Withdraw MNT features are disabled during the Private Launch phase.

    • 03, March 2023

      Release v2.1.4

      Feature Update: Navbar: Added “NFTs on OpenSea” Button

      Minterest NFTs are needed to use the protocol during the Private Launch phase so the button links to Minterest’s OpenSea NFT marketplace.

    • 03, March 2023

      Release v2.1.4

      Feature Update: Dashboard: Hide Total Returns and Net APY graphs

      The charts require significant updates to provide more meaningful information to users so they have been hidden for the time being.

    • 02, March 2023

      Codebase Optimizations

      Integrated Manual Swap Manager into all inquisition services and adjusted the codebases to increase the efficiency of the protocol.

    • 28, February 2023

      Integrated Gas Price Prediction

      Bring in gas price prediction to set the correct gas for swap/transfer transactions and prevent tx from hanging.

    • 23, February 2023

      Improved Transaction Success Modals

      Improved performance of modals related to transaction success. The update affects all modals that display transaction success messages with transaction details: Supply, Borrow, Withdraw, and Repay. Made the Transaction ID clickable for a better user experience.

    • 21, February 2023

      Redesigned Autostaking On/Off

      Renovated the autostaking feature design in accordance with the latest Minterest UX/UI guidelines. We’ve updated error, success, and other modals related to autostaking.

    • 16, February 2023

      Loading speed optimizations

      Compressed images used in the app to impact loading speed and improve search engine performance.

    • 14, February 2023

      Loyalty Reward System Updates

      Revamped the loyalty reward logic to incentivise a wider range of users, substitute the buyback discount curve, and allow users to withdraw some amount of their income without losing the loyalty factor.

    • 09, February 2023

      Risk Index Prototype

      Developed a prototype to test tools that will allow users understand their portfolio risk in a better way and borrow safely.

    • 07, February 2023


      Made some improvements on the app loading speed

    • 02, February 2023

      Wallet Connection

      Rolled out Blocknative integration to connect wallets

    • 31, January 2023

      Automated liquidations

      Updated the logic of receiving oracle prices and filtering out suspicious results

    • 26, January 2023

      Automated liquidations

      Made some more progress, got borrower tracking running reliably

    • 24, January 2023

      UI Improvements

      Updated the design of the Connect Wallet modal dialog for connecting the wallet with the Minterest application across all the devices, including Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

    • 19, January 2023

      Safari & Mozilla UI Fixes

      Optimized rendering for on-site charts in Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Streamlined UI experience related to the Total Returns and Total Net APY charts.

    • 17, January 2023

      Minterest Widget Modifications

      Revamped the vesting widget with new designs. The new layout explicitly displays how updated tokenomics applies to all vestings. 

    • 12, January 2023

      The MNT Rewards Panel Design Revamp

      Updated the following modal windows: Enable Collateral, MNT Staking and MNT Withdraw. Optimized the modals for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile access.

    • 10, January 2023

      Interface Logic Improvements

      Specified internal and external interface classes to ensure that our contracts meet current industry standards and provide the necessary security for all parties.

    • 20, December 2022

      Total Net APY Chart Re-Work

      Added some improvements to the Total Net APY chart data with newer optimisations.

    • 16, December 2022

      Fixed Metamask bug In Firefox Browser

      Fixed a bug with connecting Metamask from the Firefox browser. An error message was shown before when the user tried to connect their wallet via metamask in Firefox.

    • 13, December 2022

      Update Main Navigation

      We have added a new navigation UI on the website that makes it easy to access all the Minterest-specific product offerings and information.

    • 08, December 2022

      Fixed Loading Issue On Safari

      Asset logo images used to load extremely slowly on the Safari browser. This issue has been fixed by re-working the frontend code and design assets.

    • 06, December 2022

      Liquidations Tracker v2.0

      We are constantly improving and adding new features to our automated liquidations mechanism, this time with the liquidations tracker v2.0. More details will be shared in future tech insights.

    • 02, December 2022

      Indexer API Performance Monitoring

      Added the performance monitoring to some of our internal services for Indexer API. The system triggers an alarm in abnormal cases.

    • 30, November 2022

      Security Improvements

      We have made some more security improvements to the new isolated production infrastructure by moving production hosted zone into the corresponding environment.

    • 25, November 2022

      Delay Emission & BDR Boosting

      The current logic works in such a way that during the delay period, the boosts from the NFT or BDR are divided into a delay and a normal part.

      At the moment of transition from delay period to claimable period – we use the final MNT index of the market in order to separate the delay part for the period, but delayEndIndex is taken from the market storage, i.e. no boosts will affect it, and as a result, the delay part is calculated only for diff = delayEndIndex – lastMntUserIndex, and the boost is calculated without any correction factors.

    • 22, November 2022

      Set Up Isolated Infrastructure For Production Environment

      We are moving our services to the private subnet in order to follow security guidelines. ECS and Lambda services will be able to reach the database from the private subnet via the private endpoint (restricted IP addresses).

    • 17, November 2022

      Update Production Deployment Scripts

      We have fixed the deploy scripts, deploy configs, and deploy checks according to current Solidity Architecture. We have also enabled CI pipelines for deployment checks.

    • 15, November 2022

      CD process for updating ECS service

      We have set up the CI/CD for production off-chain services. The new CD pipeline will update the containers with each commit along with a Slack notification.

    • 10, November 2022

      Vesting Schedule

      We have added the relative time instead of absolute time for the vesting schedule with a condition that vesting schedule has not been started in the past. 

    • 08, November 2022

      API Changes

      We have added some backend API changes as it was necessary for the new contract architecture. The changes will soon be reflected in the new documentation. 

    • 21, October 2022

      Prepare MNT contract for AML

      We are adding AML integration to the MNT contract using a dedicated API that will allow the AML contract to define whether or not the user is blocked specifically for MNT operations such as transfers.

    • 20, October 2022

      Sign “Approve + Supply” in one Transaction

      Currently, the Approve and Supply needs two separate transactions. We plan to do both of these in one single transaction using a Multicall feature that uses signed data within the Supply transaction to approve the allowance.

    • 19, October 2022

      Allow closing the Connect Wallet modal

      Customers can now close the Connect Wallet modal if they opened with a direct link. For logged in customers, the app page is loaded and the Connect Wallet modal opens automatically.

    • 27, September 2022

      Liquidation transaction costs

      We have added a dedicated transaction cost calculation mechanism for liquidation transactions. There are three different transaction costs involved, i.e., the weight of the liquidation transaction + exchange transaction + protocolInterest replenishment transaction. The new mechanism will involve the subsequent adjustment of the algorithm to make it more efficient.

    • 12, September 2022

      Create pagination on transaction history

      We have added infinite scrolling with a scroll bar in the table that displays all the transaction history of the user in case the data doesn’t fit on a single page. Instead of moving across several pages, users can see everything in one place.

    • 08, September 2022

      Refinement of the Net APY formula

      We are refining the Net APY formula in the protocol calculations to include net annual rate across all the markets and added a filter that displays the correct value on the front-end UI.

    • 05, September 2022

      Crypto denominated positions

      In addition to USD denominated positions, users can now see their positions in any of their designated crypto assets, which include BTC, ETH, or any supported asset in users’ portfolio.

    • 01, September 2022

      Dynamic time selector

      We have added a dynamic time selector for three charts: Market Historical Yield, Total Returns, and Total Net APY. Users can switch between yearly, monthly, and daily charts, based on the availability of data.

    • 29, August 2022


      To make Minterest protocol easier to interact with and used by other devs and tools, we build APIs with comprehensive documentation.

    • 25, August 2022

      Improve indexer API logging

      We are improving our indexer API logging to allow us to have all the useful information upon calling different endpoints. The new indexer-API service will print information about all the requests.

    • 22, August 2022

      Fixing IPFS errors on NFT indexer 

      We have added a failsafe mechanism in our indexer that pulls NFT data from IPFS to avoid getting errors that occur occasionally during the parsing of NFT data.

    • 18, August 2022

      MNT price on mainnet 

      We are adding admin modifiers to the Chainlink oracle feed contract that allows us to implement a fallback oracle provider to get MNT price on the mainnet.

    • 16, August 2022

      Chart enhancements

      We have added a new feature into our charts where Y-axis will display negative values and an UI enhancement where larger values do not go beyond the chart labels to make them better readable.

    • 11, August 2022

      Responsive UI for Markets Overview page

      Our markets overview page is now responsive in accordance with the design changes that is more seamless and intuitive for customers on mobile and tablet.

    • 08, August 2022

      Setting borrowing limits for markets

      We have added a new borrowing model that adds a hard cap on the borrowing limit. When a customer enters a larger amount, he is restricted to the MAX borrowing limit set by the protocol on a pool-by-pool basis.

    • 04, August 2022

      Portfolio UX improvements

      We have added a new feature under the portfolio dashboard where we will display smaller amounts (less than $1,000,000) up to 2 decimal places and completely omit the decimal places if the amount is larger than $1,000,000. 

    • 01, August 2022

      Improved deployment for production environment

      We are improving the flow for our production environment by setting up CI/CD pipelines to automate the stages of the production environment that will give us better control from integration and testing phases to delivery and deployment.

    • 28, July 2022

      New rules for assets sorting 

      We have added three new sorting rules where customers can see larger markets on top. Customers can sort by Total Lent, Total Borrowed, and under their portfolio dashboard, they can sort by LENT so they can see bigger markets first.

    • 25, July 2022

      Disabling borrow for selected markets

      The Minterest admin role can now disable borrowing functionality for selected markets to allow for liquidity build up within those markets before borrowing action is performed.

    • 21, July 2022

      WalletConnect integration

      WalletConnect has been integrated as part of our wallet integration roadmap. Undertaking wallet-triggered blockchain transactions with WalletConnect to verify the flow.

    • 18, July 2022

      Rewriting the swap router algorithm

      The swap router algorithm has been re-written to improve swapping of exchange pairs more efficient. Undertaking current unit testing.

    • 11, July 2022

      Enabling withdrawals of different MNT balances

      A new feature has been added that allows the withdrawal of all the possible MNT sources, which include available MNT wallet tokens, staked tokens, and vested tokens

    • 04, July 2022

      UX improvements on the Desktop version of the app

      Major UX improvements have been made in the desktop version of the app for a more snappy and intuitive experience.

    • 01, July 2022

      Ledger Wallet Integration

      Ledger Wallet has been integrated as part of our wallet integration roadmap. More wallet integrations to be announced soon.