Double your MNT -

Lock & Load

Welcome to an exclusive offer for Minterest LBP and CAE participants - Lock & Load.

Lock & Load doubles your tokens, rewarding you for taking up the same terms as other Minterest supporters. Lock your tokens for 12 months, and afterwards your doubled tokens will vest back to you over the same timeframe.

Lock into Minterest, get loaded with MNT.

How it works

Opting in to Lock & Load is easy. Simply connect your wallet - the same one you used in the CAE or LBP events - and you will see an option to Lock & Load.

Selecting that option will lock your tokens for 12 months from the date of Minterest’s TGE. After the 12-month cliff, the entirety of your new token balance will vest back to you block-by-block over the following 12 months.

Lock your tokens, not your rights

Voting rights vest block-by-block over 12 months from token launch, and are based on your locked and unlocked tokens. As your voting weight increases, so does your staking loyalty reward. 

With Lock & Load your MNT may be locked - but your voting rights aren’t.

Why Lock & Load?

Lock & Load provides a rare chance to double your tokens while also adding stability to the Minterest protocol. A 12-month cliff is not unusual in DeFi - but block-by-block-vesting afterwards is.

Why do it? Lock & Load keeps MNT token liquidity on-chain during the crucial launch phase. It positions the protocol for early success while supporting token performance. And given Minterest’s unique tokenomics, Lock & Load helps jump-start the protocol’s flywheel effect. You can read more in the revised whitepaper.

But there is an even better reason for you to Lock & Load - it is quite simply the easiest way to double your tokens while supporting their ability to develop real value long-term.

And it will not happen again.

Here today, gone tomorrow!

You will see Lock & Load in your wallets for the next few weeks, until just prior to MNT emissions start. After that, it will disappear - and won’t be back.

Lock & Load is not just an offer; it is a one-off chance to load up your MNT via an exclusive function of the protocol. Doing so immediately doubles your MNT.

It is another way for Minterest to say thank you for all your support.