What’s Citizen of Mantle NFT?

The Citizens of Mantle NFT is the inaugural NFT collection of the Mantle Network. The mint for Mantle Citizens is over, but anyone can buy their own on Mintle, the native NFT marketplace of Mantle – CoM on Mintle

The Citizens are unique because they are upgradable, meaning they will change over time as you spend more time on Mantle Network.

As of January 4, 2024 floor price of CoM NFT is equivalent of US $30.

Why get a Citizen of Mantle NFT?

Citizens of Mantle are an important part of the Moonshot campaign, as add-on traits will be rewarded for completing various tasks of the Moonshot ecosystem partners. 

Upon completing the quests for Minterest x Mantle Moonshot, users will earn a “mystery box” containing either CoM add-on headgear traits – blue goggles – which will be used to distribute rewards including MINTY or be rewarded Mantle Journey miles.

Minterest x Mantle Moonshot Rewards Distribution Guide

All lucky Mantle Moonshot participants who win headgear trait in the “Mystery Box” on completion of quests are entitled to an equal cut of the token reward pool of 66,000 MINTY. Mystery Box claim period is till Jan 18, 2024 and Add-On Traits would be distributed by Jan 25, 2024

After winners have received their headgear trait in their Mantle Journey profile, they need to upgrade their CoM NFT with the trait. Please note that each NFT can be upgraded only once. On Feb 1, 2024, Mantle will take a snapshot of all CoM NFT holders who have successfully completed the upgrade with add-on traits won under Moonshot and rewards distribution would be processed in the weeks after.

You can also explore Mantle Moonshot Journey in detail on Mantle here.

08, January 2024