Get the highest long term yield in DeFi

The Minterest lending protocol passes on all surplus
generated directly to its users, ensuring their best interest.

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How it works

Operating its own on-chain liquidation and buyback mechanisms, the Minterest protocol automatically distributes the value it captures from interest rate, flash loan and liquidation fees to users. It does this via MNT tokens that it acquires on-market, ensuring your highest long-term yields.

Minterest generates value from its fees, including fees earned from the world’s first in-protocol liquidation engine.

This captured value is used by the protocol to buy MNT tokens on the open market.

The protocol then passes the MNT tokens back to its users, resulting in the highest possible long-term yields.

DeFi you can trust

Minterest’s auditing process is relentless, designed to push the standards of asset security and secure long-term yields, ensuring your best interest.

  • Asset security

    Overseen by a portfolio of best-of-class auditors, everything about Minterest is built to ensure your yield is secure for the long term.

  • Real transparency

    Not only is Minterest rigorously audited and backed by the most robust code in the world, its operational transparency gives you complete confidence.


Pioneering user interface

A user-centric dashboard presents customised portfolio and risk analysis tools, enabling you to make well-informed risk/reward decisions with confidence.

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What Minterest’s partners are saying

Powered and backed by some of the best DeFi/blockchain professionals in the industry

“It’s important we are always pushing the envelope and improving in order for DeFi to move truly mainstream. Minterest has engineered a great long-term model because everyone gets their fair share of the rewards the protocol generates.”

KR1 plc (KR1:AQSE)

Europe's leading digital asset investment company focused on decentralised and open-source blockchain networks

"Minterest has engineered a major improvement in the current DeFi ecosystem by solving issues that exist in legacy DeFi protocols. It’s unique token buy-back mechanism using the protocol’s own surplus means Minterest passes on protocol rewards to users for their participation in its governance. It’s the first of its kind in DeFi, and a truly sustainable, long-term, model. It’s this kind of innovation that really attracts us.”

James Wo

Founder & CEO at DFG An Investment Firm Empowering Blockchain & Web 3.0

“Minterest has significantly upped the stakes in the DeFi space. The protocol has solved a pain point that has been in play in the ecosystem from its inception. It has taken the existing DeFi model and recalibrated it to fulfil its original mission – a fairer financial system for all the users. We are thrilled to be on board with this exciting project”.


Principal investment firm focused on making investments across the cryptoasset ecosystem

“We love that Minterest has taken the original DeFi ecosystem and made it fairer and more inclusive for its users. In doing so, they ensure that the true beneficiaries are the users who share in all rewards generated by the protocol. These unique features make it an appealing platform for everyone in the sector. We are excited to be on the journey with the team and supporting the protocol’s evolution and growth.”

Lee Pennington

Investment Partner at Digital Strategies

Minterest updates

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  • TECH

    Minterest Continues to #BUIDL

    At Minterest we never stop building. Here we are sharing latest releases

    • 27, September 2022

      Liquidation transaction costs

      We have added a dedicated transaction cost calculation mechanism for liquidation transactions. There are three different transaction costs involved, i.e., the weight of the liquidation transaction + exchange transaction + protocolInterest replenishment transaction. The new mechanism will involve the subsequent adjustment of the algorithm to make it more efficient.

    • 12, September 2022

      Create pagination on transaction history

      We have added infinite scrolling with a scroll bar in the table that displays all the transaction history of the user in case the data doesn’t fit on a single page. Instead of moving across several pages, users can see everything in one place.

    • 08, September 2022

      Refinement of the Net APY formula

      We are refining the Net APY formula in the protocol calculations to include net annual rate across all the markets and added a filter that displays the correct value on the front-end UI.

    • 05, September 2022

      Crypto denominated positions

      In addition to USD denominated positions, users can now see their positions in any of their designated crypto assets, which include BTC, ETH, or any supported asset in users’ portfolio.

    • 01, September 2022

      Dynamic time selector

      We have added a dynamic time selector for three charts: Market Historical Yield, Total Returns, and Total Net APY. Users can switch between yearly, monthly, and daily charts, based on the availability of data.

    • 29, August 2022


      To make Minterest protocol easier to interact with and used by other devs and tools, we build APIs with comprehensive documentation.

    • 25, August 2022

      Improve indexer API logging

      We are improving our indexer API logging to allow us to have all the useful information upon calling different endpoints. The new indexer-API service will print information about all the requests.

    • 22, August 2022

      Fixing IPFS errors on NFT indexer 

      We have added a failsafe mechanism in our indexer that pulls NFT data from IPFS to avoid getting errors that occur occasionally during the parsing of NFT data.

    • 18, August 2022

      MNT price on mainnet 

      We are adding admin modifiers to the Chainlink oracle feed contract that allows us to implement a fallback oracle provider to get MNT price on the mainnet.

    • 16, August 2022

      Chart enhancements

      We have added a new feature into our charts where Y-axis will display negative values and an UI enhancement where larger values do not go beyond the chart labels to make them better readable.

    • 11, August 2022

      Responsive UI for Markets Overview page

      Our markets overview page is now responsive in accordance with the design changes that is more seamless and intuitive for customers on mobile and tablet.

    • 08, August 2022

      Setting borrowing limits for markets

      We have added a new borrowing model that adds a hard cap on the borrowing limit. When a customer enters a larger amount, he is restricted to the MAX borrowing limit set by the protocol on a pool-by-pool basis.

    • 04, August 2022

      Portfolio UX improvements

      We have added a new feature under the portfolio dashboard where we will display smaller amounts (less than $1,000,000) up to 2 decimal places and completely omit the decimal places if the amount is larger than $1,000,000. 

    • 01, August 2022

      Improved deployment for production environment

      We are improving the flow for our production environment by setting up CI/CD pipelines to automate the stages of the production environment that will give us better control from integration and testing phases to delivery and deployment.

    • 28, July 2022

      New rules for assets sorting 

      We have added three new sorting rules where customers can see larger markets on top. Customers can sort by Total Lent, Total Borrowed, and under their portfolio dashboard, they can sort by LENT so they can see bigger markets first.

    • 25, July 2022

      Disabling borrow for selected markets

      The Minterest admin role can now disable borrowing functionality for selected markets to allow for liquidity build up within those markets before borrowing action is performed.

    • 21, July 2022

      WalletConnect integration

      WalletConnect has been integrated as part of our wallet integration roadmap. Undertaking wallet-triggered blockchain transactions with WalletConnect to verify the flow.

    • 18, July 2022

      Rewriting the swap router algorithm

      The swap router algorithm has been re-written to improve swapping of exchange pairs more efficient. Undertaking current unit testing.

    • 11, July 2022

      Enabling withdrawals of different MNT balances

      A new feature has been added that allows the withdrawal of all the possible MNT sources, which include available MNT wallet tokens, staked tokens, and vested tokens

    • 04, July 2022

      UX improvements on the Desktop version of the app

      Major UX improvements have been made in the desktop version of the app for a more snappy and intuitive experience.

    • 01, July 2022

      Ledger Wallet Integration

      Ledger Wallet has been integrated as part of our wallet integration roadmap. More wallet integrations to be announced soon.

All news
  • What is the Minterest Protocol?

    Minterest is a ground-breaking lending protocol built by industry leaders to service billions in TVL and to challenge existing DeFi incumbents. The protocol gives users a decentralised token money market, combined with a uniquely fair incentive structure that will facilitate and promote widespread adoption of DeFi. By utilising its own buy back mechanism, the protocol passes on 100% of value generated to its community of active participants.
  • What makes Minterest different from other lending/borrowing Protocols?

    It’s the world’s first lending protocol capturing 100% of value from the combination of interest rate, flash loan and liquidation fees which are then passed on to Minterest users participating in the protocol’s governance over time. This results in the highest long-term yield in the crypto borrowing/lending sector.
  • How does the protocol reward users for loyalty?

    Loyalty bonuses will be passed onto users who provide liquidity in the long term and users will earn MNT tokens for their commitment to the protocol’s governance processes over time. This feature incentivises long-term liquidity to be built and maintained for the benefit of all Minterest users.
  • Will the protocol be audited?

    The Minterest protocol will be audited by highly regarded auditors in the blockchain space prior to its early access phase, underpinning network security and giving users the confidence required to fully participate.
  • How can I participate in the early access phase?

    Please visit our Telegram community for information on how to participate, and for important updates