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No.51: Eric Larchevêque


Eric developed several French and European projects, including the Montorgueil Group, and Prixing. He was the CEO of Ledger, a start-up addressing end user security on distributed consensus technologies.

No.52: Richard Ma


He is the CEO of Quantstamp. The aim of the company is to secure the decentralized internet of value and has protected $100B in digital asset risk from hackers. It is backed by is backed by several leading investors.

No.53: Jae Kwon


Kwon is a blockchain software architect and co-founder of Tendermint, and the president of the Interchain Foundation. Tendermint aims to liberate the blockchain from the costs and drawbacks of proof-of-work mining.

No.54: Michael Egorov


Michael Egorov is the Founder and CEO of Curve which has produced a new type of decentralized stablecoin exchange. He was also the Co-founder and CTO of NuCypher, an encryption company from Y Combinator.

No.55: David Chaum


David Chaum a US computer scientist and cryptographer known as a pioneer in cryptography and privacy-preserving technologies. Widely recognized as the inventor of digital cash, he leads Elixxir and Praxxis.

No.56: Bobby Ong


Bobby Ong is the co-founder of CoinGecko, an analytics platform for tracking cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. It was established in April 2014 and is one of the largest crypto asset data aggregators in the world.