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No.46: Do Kwon


Kwon cofounded Terra, which used blockchain technology to develop a more efficient payment system. It’s stablecoin, attracted 40 million users to work with the company at launch in January 2018.

No.47: Daniel Shin


Shin co-founded HOF’s fintech portfolio company Terraform Labs (creators of the Terra stablecoin) He is is a renowned entrepreneur and investor, with expertise and deep relationships in e-commerce.

No.48: Paolo Ardoino


Paolo is the CTO at Tether and Bitfinex, a leading crypto exchange. He is a computer scientist, whose skill lies in continuously learning modern technologies in programming to conceive new ideas, tests and projects.

No.49: Jay Cassano


Cassano is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Cointelegraph. He was previously a staff writer at Fast Company, where he most famously covered the links between topic technology and politics.

No.50: Justin Sun


Sun, the Chinese-born, 31-year-old tech billionaire founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON, its seen as the bellwether of the industry. Transaction volume 0f TRON-based stablecoins has often topped $10 b daily.