Fully Sustainable DeFi

The Minterest protocol applies sophisticated and reliable smart contracts to enable users to lend or borrow a variety of token assets. The protocol maintains operational transparency and fully audits all processes.


Powered By MNT

MNT serves as the native governance and utility token of the Minterest ecosystem. The protocol employs MNT as part of a unique model that captures 100% of the value from its functions - the Total Value Capture model.

You decide the future

The Minterest protocol will be governed by a DAO that comprises MNT holders.

Every single holder will be able to contribute to the protocol in a meaningful way by voting on governance proposals and helping to steer the project towards success.


The Minterest protocol builds on proven architecture to deliver an advanced DeFi protocol. Learn more about the details of the project, as well as the guiding philosophy behind it, in the technical whitepaper.

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