Minterest protocol – built to last

The Minterest protocol is a sophisticated application of operationally-transparent and fully audited smart contracts which enable a variety of token assets to be lent or borrowed by users.


Powered by MNT

The Minterest ecosystem is powered by its native token, MNT, which serves as both a utility and governance token.

Minterest is the first DeFi lending protocol that captures 100% of the value created from its functions, and it does so by utilising MNT - a token that has its value fully correlated to the inner-workings of the platform.

You decide

the future

The Minterest protocol is governed by a DAO that comprises MNT holders.

Every single holder will be able to contribute to the protocol in a meaningful way, by voting on governance proposals and steering the project towards success.


The Minterest protocol is a highly technical and complex project. If you would like to learn about the intricacies and details of the project, you can access the whitepaper. It's thorough but easy to read and understand.

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  • What is Minterest?

    Minterest is a ground-breaking lending protocol built by industry leaders to service billions in TVL and to challenge existing DeFi incumbents. The protocol gives users a decentralised token money market, combined with a uniquely fair incentive structure that will facilitate and promote widespread adoption of DeFi.

    By utilising its own buy back mechanism, the protocol passes on 100% of value generated to its community of active participants.

    Minterest features a one-of-a-kind liquidation mechanism. Unlike existing DeFi protocols, Minterest has designed its own on-chain liquidation process, with the protocol itself running the liquidation event. This implies that the value of its native MNT token is proportional to the performance of the protocol.

  • What distinguishes the Minterest protocol from other DeFi protocols?

    The Minterest protocol provides the highest APY across DeFi lending protocols due to its ability to capture 100% of the value generated, buyback mechanisms, and flywheel effect.

    On-chain Liquidations. The protocol automatically runs liquidation on-chain, which saves up to 40% of the protocol value that other DeFi protocols lose because they rely on 3rd party off-chain liquidators. On-chain liquidation means that more fees are collected and the surplus is used to buy back MNT tokens from the market.

    Buyback. The Minterest protocol uses 100% of the captured value, rather than the traditional 10-15%, to purchase its own native MNT tokens on-market and then passes them back to the protocol users who stake their MNT and participate in the governance process. The buyback attracts substantial long-term liquidity to the protocol, generating the Flywheel Effect.

    Flywheel Effect. The foundation of the Minterest Protocol is built around the concept of snowball tokenomics, which means the value cycle gains momentum over time. The more value created and retained, the more value is passed on to users, boosting the total Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

  • How can I benefit from using Minterest?

    You can earn an annual percentage yield (APY) from interest on token assets you supply to the protocol’s available token pools. You can also lend/borrow funds using Minterest to bootstrap your MNT token emissions.

    If you participate in Minterest’s protocol governance, you receive extra MNT tokens from the protocol’s buyback process.

  • Why would I buy and hold MNT tokens?

    Each Minterest user can earn loyalty rewards for holding MNT tokens. While the protocol generates rewards, they are used for the buyback. The longer you stake your tokens in the protocol, the greater your buyback percentage rewards would be.

    You’re receiving a percentage of the buyback process along with your loyalty rewards which increase every month.

  • How does the Minterest protocol protect my funds?

    Minterest prioritises security which is why we have engaged three T1 security audit firms to audit the protocol. Each audit firm conducted independent testing to identify loopholes in the code, ensuring that Minterest is safe to use when transferring funds. Additionally, the protocol has five oracles to minimise hacking risks and safeguard your funds even further

    The primary pricing oracle is Chainlink, the industry's largest and best-known oracle solution. No one has succeeded in hacking or exploiting Chainlink in any way, in addition, the Minterest protocol has four other pricing oracles for redundancy which act as a fallback safety mechanism in the case of an attempted exploit. Your funds are protected exceptionally well.