your best interest.
Get the highest long-term yield in DeFi
The Minterest protocol distributes its revenue to its users, ensuring your best interest.
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Built and audited by industry leaders to service billions in TVL
Minterest is the worlds first protocol to pass on all protocol revenue directly to its users.

The protocol is built, constantly improved
and audited to push the standard for asset security and reliable long-term yields, ensuring your best interest.
Asset security
Not only are we rigorously audited and backed by the most robust code in the world, our transparency gives you complete confidence.
Yield longevity
Everything about the protocol is built to ensure that your yield is secure for the long term.
Revenues taken off other DeFi protocols, resulting in lost yield potential for users. Learn how much you loose in DeFi
Highest long-term yield brought by unique buyback tokenomics
There is only so much borrowing/ lending technology can do, which is why the rates across mature DeFi players are quite similar.

We improve on the status quo by passing on 100% of protocol revenue to token holders on top on top of industry leading borrowing/ lending rates, resulting in the best long term yield in DeFi.
Protocol generates revenues from transaction fees and a world’s first in-protocol liquidation engine.
All captured value is used to buy MNT tokens on the open market
The protocol passes on all of the captured value to users, creating the highest possible long term yields.
Pioneering user interface
A customer-centric dashboard presenting customised portfolio and risk analysis tools, enabling users to make informed and well understood risk/reward decisions with confidence.
What Minterest partners are saying
Powered and backed by some of the best DeFi/blockchain professionals in the industry
"Minterest it’s definitely the go to borrowing / lending protocol, and it’s here to change the status quo of the DeFi providers"
Travis Smith
Ceo / Digital Strategies
Team and Advisors
The team behind Minterest is a groupof cryptos brightest talents, each position held by a superstar, and each individual committed to shared goals of fairness, transparency and the democratisation of DeFi, empowering it to fulfil the promise of a fairer financial ecosystem.

The management team comprises seasoned professionals with 50+ years combined experience in digital platforms and blockchain who have generated billions in enterprise value across numerous sectors who are complemented by world class advisors, a full-time engineering team of 16 plus specialised teams of operations and marketing personnel.
CBDO at TomoChain, entrepreneur and management consultant for startups
Kyn Chaturvedi
Has 20+ years in founding start-up teams. Founder COMindico and reaching >1bn valuation
Josh Rogers
Founder of BrickMark AG, holding the world record in real estate tokenization
Alexander Funck
Product Manager Cardano, Co-founder of DBO2 and RepairPal, more than 22 products delivered
David Esser
Engineer and Team Leader with experience in banking, insurance, and finance
Denis Romanovsky
Dev Team Lead
Founder Riddic OU, financially architecting and delivering infrastructure projects for >40 global clients
David Ajanjan
Leading industry advisor, former Managing Partner APAC at Prysm Group
Joeri van Geelen
Co-founder of Aleph Zero, Phd and industry researcher in Mathematics at Simons-Berkeley
Matthew Niemerg
MD Chainlink Labs, former MD IBM Blockchain
David Post
Tech expert in >25 code languages, industry thought & technology leader
Mark Fitzgibbon
Partner Iconomy foundation, advisor at Chainlink Labs and multiple industry leaders
Simon Schwerin
Partner at Faculty group, advisor and incubator of multiple industry leaders
Philipp Zimmerer
How is the Minterest protocol differents to others in the market
This service includes:
  • corporate finance
  • regulatory issues and compliance
  • bonds
  • derivatives
  • placement and listing of securities
  • UCITs and non-UCITs funds
  • financial restructuring
  • project finance
Why is a Defi lending an borrowing platform so importatnt for crypto investors
This service includes:
  • choice of corporate form
  • start-up companies
  • corporate governance
  • corporate ownership and management
  • shareholder agreements
  • reorganizations
  • joint ventures
  • drafting shareholder agreements
  • legal expertise of commercial agreements
What is an MNT token?
Our work in this practice area includes:
  • litigation
  • research and legal opinions
  • peaceful settlements
How do I earn a yield on my investments in the Minterest Protocol?
Our expertise in this area includes:
  • tax structures
  • VAT
  • customs and excise duties
  • transfer pricing
  • double taxation treaties
  • capital controls
  • cross-border tax issues
Can I buy an MNT token on an exchange?
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Josh Rogers
A serial technology entrepreneur with a 25+ year career as founder or in founding start-up teams including COMindico, the world’s first point-to-point IP telco (US$300M raise), Oriel Communications, the world’s first micro-billing content engine used for the world’s first monetisation of Big Brother 2 content, Mitchell Morgan, an advisory and fintech conglomerate encompassing a digital agency for online digital platforms, Freelancer, the world’s largest freelancing marketplace and HeyYou, Australia’s largest hospitality app.
Kyn Chaturvedi
Formerly CBDO at TomoChain, SE Asia's largest public blockchain where he supported Vietnam;’s government securing the national education sector on TomoChain plus major commercial use cases integrating NFTs into Japanese consumer products. Additionally, Kyn led the gaming division of India's largest game development house, Dhruva Interactive (eventually bought by Rockstar Games) and has launched several gaming related businesses, notably BattleBards. Kyn holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and BAs in both Industrial Engineering & Economics from Georgia Tech.

Alexander Funck
Previously co-founder of BrickMark AG, which in 2020 held the world record for the tokenisation of US$140M in prime real estate assets, during his career Alex has consulted to 17 technology clients, from HNWIs to leading startups and enterprise, and with combined value creation exceeding US$1B. He holds a MSc Management from Otto Beisheim School of Management and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Brandenburg University of Technology
David Esser
Formerly Product Manager for Cardano, David has a 20+ year digital product career including roles as co-founder, CTO and CPO of sector leading firms like DBO2 and RepairPal and during his career has delivered 20+ successful online products and businesses across blockchain, FinTech, ecommerce, automotive, risk management, AI and IoT. David holds a BA from Stanford University in International Relations and Economics
CFO (Perm Part-time)
David Ajanjan
Founder and CEO of Riddec, a web, mobile and blockchain oriented digital agency with a global client portfolio additionally sourcing specialised staff including for blockchain tech stacks such as smart contracting and Substrate, Solidity, Rust and Ink coding languages and DLT technologies EVM, Polkadot and DAG. Additionally, David has lead-managed 3 bespoke investment funds. David holds a BA from Tartu University and completed Harvard University’s Finance and Alternative Investments and Financial Markets at Yale University.

Denis Romanovsky
A full-stack solutions architect and blockchain engineer experienced in designing protocol architecture for both Substrate and Solidity tech stacks plus coding languages Ruby on Rails and Javascript, Denis has an extensive engineering career specialising in fintech as a solutions architect and tech lead building out product solutions for insurance, financial services and  banking for some of the world’s leading digital agencies, including EPAM and itransition. Denis holds a BA in Software Engineering from Belarusia’s State University.

Advisor - Business Development
Joeri van Geelen
Previously Managing Partner APAC at Prysm Group, the world’s leading economic blockchain auditing consultancy, Joeri has developed an undeniably Tier-1  blockchain network that is truly world class. Additionally, he’s a mentor and advisor for numerous blockchain startups and specialises in sophisticated GTM strategy for Outlier Ventures, Plug & Play Tech Center, F10 and Algorand, while also being a highly sought after speaker and panelist at global blockchain and technology conferences.
Ph.D., Advisor - Technology
Matthew Niemerg
With an extensive blockchain history since 2014, Matthew is co-founder and CEO of AlephZero, an enterprise oriented sovereign chain project and also co-founder of Cardinal Cryptography, a specialist consultancy in cross-chain architecture. Matthew holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics, is a Simons-Berkeley Fellow and an IBM Center of Excellence Fellow in High Performance Computing, 
Advisor - Operations
Mark Fitzgibbon
Has a 25+ year technology career, in the mid-nineties developing the first ISP’s and wholesale internet connectivity for Kenya, Yemen, Romania, Kazakhstan and Bosnia. Mark has consulted extensively to various blockchain projects and investment teams, including Harmony, OriginTrail, Ravel Protocol, Radix and API3, he has an extensive coding background in 25+ languages, including Solidity, Unix, Cisco Systems IOS, RPG, COBOL, FORTRAN and Java and has been an avid crypto podcaster since 2018.

Ph.D., Advisor - Strategy
David Post
Currently Managing Director for Corporate Development and Strategy at Chainlink Labs where he leads investment, grant, acquisition and strategic partnership activity. David has a world class blockchain centric career spanning both enterprise and crypto having previously founded and launched IBM Blockchain Ventures, incubating multiple enterprise networks for startups to Fortune 500s while additionally launching IBM’s Blockchain Accelerator. David holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from Georgetown University.
Advisor - Strategy
Simon Schwerin
Build different startups before becoming an investor, he is also an advisor at Chainlink Labs, with expertise in business-related topics such as fundraising, financial planning, product development, marketing, and project management. Holds a MSc. Business Intelligence and Process Management.

Advisor - Marketing
Philipp Zimmerer
A co-founder of Faculty Group, a leading blockchain marketing firm, Phil has been involved in 50+ blockchain and DeFi projects as an early investor, advisor or team member. Additionally, he is core contributor at, building permissionless middleware that automatizes and optimizes the flow of liquidity from DeFi capital aggregators. Phil holds a BSc. in Economics from Erasmus School of Economics.

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