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No.57: Jordan Fish

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Fish (also known as Cobie) is an investor and cryptocurrency expert active on Twitter. Together with Ledger (Brian Krogsgard), he is also a co-host of the UpOnly crypto podcast.

No.58: Elizabeth Stark

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Stark is a Computer Science lecturer at Yale. In 2016, she founded Lightning Labs, a developer of the Lightning Network, a solution to combat scalability issues within the Bitcoin network.

No.59: Charlie Shrem

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Shrem co-founded the now-defunct start-up company BitInstant and is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation. He founded Crypto.IQ, which provides information, and news about the cryptocurrency world.

No.60: Brendan Eich

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Eich’s founded Brave, a privacy-oriented web browser. The company co-created Basic Attention Token, a cryptocurrency that rewards users for viewing ads. The currency’s ICO in May 2017 raised a massive $35 million.

No.61: Banteg

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Banteg was a significant contributor to the core developer team that created, a group of protocols running on the Ethereum blockchain that allow users to optimise their earnings on crypto assets.

No.62: Scott Stornetta

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Said to be the co-inventor of the Blockchain. His pioneering series of papers defined its evolution. He’s a physicist, scientific researcher figure in cryptographic science. and distributed computing.