The Next Steps for Minterest

In the two parts to DeFi, one being decentralized and the other finance, Minterest is now on its way to delivering both. The protocol has gone through a period of extensive finishing touches to support the ‘Fi’. With them complete, Minterest is ready to move into its next exciting phase, in having the ‘De’ become real, and move to decentralized control so its community can determine its future development and direction.

Key Highlights

TVL in the protocol’s token markets has shown strong support from liquidity providers with TVL hovering over $5M as of time of publication.  

DeFi is renowned for projects which have rushed development and deployment, to deliver short term benefits in their go-to-market plan and marketing PR but at the cost of increased risks in network security being compromised. The evidence has been seen in the past few months, which have borne witness to what has at times appeared to be a relentless array of protocols being subject to exploits.  

Minterest has always undertaken a methodical and industry professional approach. Since deploying the protocol’s smart contracts, engineering’s focus has been on rigorous testing of the protocol’s auto-liquidation mechanisms in its live environment in preparation for full deployment with public launch. 

Similarly, the testing program of Minterest’s risk engine was also finalized, confirming its efficacy in accurately predicting the probability of a borrower’s loan portfolio being subject to liquidation risk. Doing so allowed the first phase of the risk engine to be implemented into the protocol’s app interface, a DeFi first and a key feature which distinguishes Minterest. 

The normal launch bugs which arise with any deployment have also largely been addressed and these resolutions can be viewed on the Minterest Tech Insights page at

Minterest Gitbook

Minterest’s Gitbook has been extensively revised and upgraded. The new FAQ contains a comprehensive repository of information of all things relating to Minterest with the content based on community feedback over previous months.

There are now full detailed walkthroughs, instructional videos on using the protocol, as well as infographics to explain how Minterest emissions and governance rewards work. 

Furthermore, is information of the protocol’s contract addresses and detailed technical documentation to directly call functions in the protocol’s smart contracts using Ether.js. Such guides are essential for sophisticated users, such as large liquidity providers, investment funds and DeFi aggregators who do not use the protocol’s interface when interacting with it.

Drafting of the protocol’s terms and conditions, a significant legal project in itself requiring input from numerous parties, is complete and so ready for approval by Minterest’s DAO.

Minterest DAO

Minterest is shortly firing up its DAO, likely mid-May, and with it the Minterest forum where discussions regarding proposals are held. This is an exciting next step in Minterest’s roadmap, and one that fundamentally alters the nature of the project as it moves to decentralised control.

Minterest is fundamentally complete. While there is always an inexhaustible list of things it can potentially optimize or develop, the protocol’s smart contracts have been deployed and Minterest’s full feature set is operational. The final piece is decentralised control with decision making for Minterest undertaken by  its community of token holders, whose contribution through DAO processes decides how it develops and is managed. 

Straight up one would expect matters like opening up public access, listing MNT, and even how the DAO itself will operate to be key priorities.

Minterest Forum

Minterest has 4 distinct communities of supporters; private investors who joined the project early, participants who joined via the Next Level LBP, third party partners and the team behind the project. Each of these communities comprise supporters with their own perspectives on the protocol’s priorities. 

What may not be obvious is each of these communities currently interact with the project through very different communication channels. Minterest’s forum is where these separate communities will now come together with the forum empowering the community as a whole with a single source of common discourse. 

The forum’s purpose is to drive structured conversations that are of importance and value to Minterest’s community and in doing so enable its token holders to vote on whether to approve proposals that have been submitted.

Expect to see the announcement of its launch in Minterest’s socials very shortly.

05, May 2023