Minterest Launch Update

From Josh Rogers, CEO of Minterest

Hello everyone, 

It is great to announce Minterest’s next phase of its launch schedule. It has taken 50,000 hours of development over more than two years to get to this moment, so it is a key milestone in Minterest’s journey.

Protocols with hyper-inflationary models everywhere are falling by the wayside. DeFi is crying out for a self-sustaining protocol that creates real value for users. The only question asked now is the only one that matters; ”How does long term underlying value get created?” for which Minterest has DeFi’s strongest answer. Minterest’s journey has had its moments but is here at exactly the right time to deliver that outcome. 

When it comes to Minterest, sustainability is something we obsess over. Very recently the dev team discovered a new calculus methodology for emissions rewards, I personally think it’s mathematical genius, which drastically reduces gas costs. The benefit to protocol sustainability is simply too great to ignore. So while token markets launch in a few days on December 19, the extended feature suite, including emissions and vesting, will happen now in mid-late January so the new calculation methodology can be coded in. 

To ensure Lock & Load participants are no worse off the vesting cliff has been reduced by a month. It also means the protocol will be secured by 5 pre-launch security audits, which has got to be a record for any project! For more detail, Minterest’s Whitepaper and Technical Paper have been updated to explain it.

The January phase of Minterest’s Private Launch allows exclusive access to NFT holders. If you have an NFT you can supply, borrow and stake to take advantage of emission rewards, which given restricted user access, will likely be significant. Expect to also see Minterest’s gorgeous new  brand identity begin to roll-out, as well the first stages of the new user dashboard design and mobile-friendly app.

Private Launch Roadmap

Dec 19

  • Money markets launch, with final internal testing

  • New product design and dashboard updates introduced

Early January

  • Money market access expands to include select partners

  • Testing with select partners and their feedback

  • New emission calculation code complete

  • Fifth security audit completes

Mid – Late January

  • Extensive feature suite is launched

  • Auto-liquidations roll-out

  • MNT token minted and distributed

  • Emission rewards initiate

  • Vesting initiates for MNT holders, including Lock and Load participants

  • NFTs minted and distributed, allowing holders protocol access for

  • supply and borrow in token markets

  • Standard Rewards

  • NFT Rewards

  • auto-staking in governance

  • Governance Rewards

Late February

  • Protocol governance introduced

  • Voting capability launched allowing MNT holders to vote (even if with a vesting cliff)

  • Enhancements to user dashboard introduced

  • Additional technical optimisations to the liquidation engine introduced in preparation for public launch

I want to thank everyone in Minterest’s village of supporters, from individual community members to private investors, for your solid support. 2023 will be a tough year for many boom oriented projects but unlike them, Minterest was built for this moment. It is why we intend next year to instead be a year of opportunity. 

Thank you again so much for your partnership in getting Minterest here. 

Josh Rogers



14, December 2022