Minterest Labs Investor Spotlight Series – Digital Strategies

Investors are a critical part of the Minterest journey; the process we went through to select them was intensive. They were chosen because of their track record, long-term view and value add. Each week we will be featuring a new investor to give you insights into why these investors are so valuable for the Minterest protocol. This week, we are focusing on Digital Strategies.

This week, we are focusing on Digital Strategies.

Digital Strategies support some of the top projects in crypto, both financially and in terms of strategic advice. Digital Strategies’ advisory capabilities stretch across token economics, securities regulation, token sale support, industrial design and strategic counsel.

Minterest forms part of Digital Strategies’ portfolio of top class projects in the blockchain space, including Polymath, Fantom, Seele, OneLedger, Akropolis, Concordium, ChronoLogic and many others. Digital Strategies have cultivated a considerable network of industry contacts and service providers which helps them build and collaborate with high value partners across the board.

Lee Pennington, Investment Partner at Digital Strategies, said,

“We are proud to be adding Minterest to our portfolio of leading blockchain projects. Minterest’s vision of creating a better, more equitable form of DeFi is being driven by a team of industry experts and leaders and we have great confidence in their ability to deliver this. The team’s ability to look at the DeFi lending market in its current form and search for new ways to challenge it through innovations in technical design is truly admirable. We look forward to what the coming months will bring.”

Josh Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Minterest, said,

“We are delighted to have the support of Digital Strategies. Their highly skilled team provides us with essential strategic support, and they are a key driver in terms of making the Minterest protocol a market leader. Our team is proud to have them as partners and look forward to our journey ahead.”

So welcome to Minterest, in your best interest

About Minterest

Minterest is a unique borrowing/lending protocol built by industry leaders to service the billions in Total Value Locked (TVL), in DeFi lending projects, with the specific aim of putting user benefits at its core. It provides users with a decentralised financial platform that is fair and inclusive.

The Minterest protocol has the world’s first buyback mechanism, which automatically passes on surpluses of the the protocol to contributing platform users. This way, users receive protocol rewards on top of industry leading borrowing/lending rates, creating the potential for the highest long-term yields in DeFi. The protocol also has an on-chain treasury which captures and shares liquidation surpluses with users.

07, January 2022